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    Invalid token after using code from mail

    So,i decided to take a look into store on glyph site. Went to log in,and they said that they want the authentication code,so i put it in there. It said invalid token,ok i tried again,then i copy pasted the code there,but still was getting invalid token message. After that i tried to resend the email with new code and i am still getting the same message,please help me.
    Resurgence <Guardians> Nuia-Sirothe-EU. All skillsets at 55. Abyssal 55 Battlerage,Shadowplay. 6573 GS,50th Sirothe gear rankings.
    Paladin->Stone Arrow->Blighter->Inquisitor-> Hexblade->Dual wield Darkrunner->2 hander Darkrunner->Probably some mage class. Former Ayanad hero,now Erenor.

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    Hey there! If you submit a support ticket, our CS team should be able to help you with this.
    Need help? Contact our Customer Support team here!

    Trion Worlds Support Center

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