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Thread: Black Screen after Trion Cinematic

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    Black Screen after Trion Cinematic

    Hey there,

    So, basically, as the title says, I got an update from W10 today and since then I can't even select server. What it does is that after the Trion cinematic cryengine blablabla my game screen goes black (in full screen it just shows the woman in the throne background) and then closes itself. I've tried to reinstall, change the DX in the system folder, etc. nothing worked for now.

    Any idea of how to fix this?

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    Its crash login serwer you cant do anything if trion dont FIX this, but they long rapair this more than 12h and many ppl cant enter to serwer list when yesterday can play in EU.
    If want play enter to NA serwer work no problems like EU.

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    It's not your W10 update, it's Trion's servers having meltdown or hiccups. Many people are facing this issue inside or outside EU zone. NA login has no issues so far and idk why nobody in Trion cares to reboot the whole freaking EU server for once but apparently they might do today or maybe tomorrow but this is annoying that early morning till 4 PM evening we face this issue. Losing lots of time.

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