The following release notes contain information about the ArcheAge March 2017 Update!

While Celestrata is on PTO, I am posting this for the team.
Therefore, yer stuck with a pic of my ArcheAge Dwarf with improvised beard.
(A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!)

General Changes
• The phase progression during the Thunderwing Titan encounter has been modified to prevent it from dying too early. This is to prevent a case where it died before it was able to reach the central island.
• The “Skating to Success” Achievement has been re-enabled and can be achieved by jumping 300x while riding a permanent longboard.
• Server performance has been improved to reduce momentary latency when daily quests and tasks reset at 00:00 UTC.

The April Login Tracker rewards have been prepared and they include:
Bound grimoire consumables (5 units each), Warrior’s Medals (10 units each), Merit Badges (2-3 units each), and Gilda Stars (2-3 units each). The Day 7 and Day 14 rewards are 5k and 20k proficiency skill booster potions that provide a temporary skill enhancement buff. The Day 21 reward is a Login Badge. Note that Day 15, 20, and 25 now feature a new item where the user can select one of the following currencies as a bonus reward: 300-1000 Honor, Vocation, or Labor.

The Dungeon Master Event will begin with the March Update and will conclude on March 27th. Two new daily quests become available from Auctioneer NPCs the Masked Daru:
• Daily Quest 1) Select one of the following Greater Dungeons: Howling Abyss, Burnt Castle, Hadir Farm, or Kroloal Cradle. Complete the Greater Bounty associated with the dungeon of your choosing to receive 20 abyssal shards. BONUS: Completing this quest 6 times during the course of the event will result in 1 additional abyssal crystal from an achievement.
• Daily Quest 2) Select one of the following advanced tier dungeons: Serpentis or Mistsong Summit. Complete the bounty for Sirothe the Infernal or The Mistsong Masters quest to receive 1 abyssal crystal. BONUS: Completing this quest 6 times during the course of the event will result in 3 additional abyssal crystals from an achievement.
WARNING: Ensure you have the event daily quest active PRIOR to completing the bounty for the day.

The Gweonid Forest Lantern Festival event is set to kick off on March 28th and run until April 18th. A server restart is required to ensure the zone successfully transitions to Festival Mode (Peace). Restarts will occur timed with that week’s scheduled maintenance. More details about the festival will be available closer to its release.

Event-related consumables from recent previous events have expired. Achievements related to these past events are no longer attainable. This mostly pertains to the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Guild Supply event.

Bug Fixes
• Blue Ocean and Red Butterfly Undergarments can now be correctly converted to image items.
• Various clothing graphics errors on male Warborn have been fixed (Lullaby Pajama Top, Springscent Coronet).
• Stat bonuses provided by underwear will now be correctly reflected on the character sheet.
• The NPC Scout Karlsburg obviously wasn’t a very good scout and has been relieved of his duty as related to the quest “Today’s delivery.”
• Some items that were unintentionally usable in arenas will now be correctly prevented from use.
• Various methods used to inflate territory peace funds are now prevented.