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    I'm starting to think that as well. If that is in fact the case... not cool. Pretty messed up and petty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    I'm starting to think they don't want us to have the resplendent scrolls during the regrade event. I think they'll wait until the event is over. :/
    I think you may be right...

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    So I received the 50 merit badges for participating in the contest. Hope to the receive the winning prize shortly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    90 Days of Patron Status
    5000 Credits
    700 Bound Tax Certificates
    50 Vocation Expertise Tonics [not bound]
    50 XP Boost Potions
    Anywhere Warehouse [not bound/will be wrapped most likely]
    5 Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scrolls [not bound]
    5 Resplendent Armor Regrade Scrolls [not bound]
    5 Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scrolls [not bound]
    5 Red Regrade Charms [not bound]
    2 Superior Red Regrade Charms [not bound]
    Aurora Storage Chest [not bound]
    2 Duun's Blessings
    Permanent Personal Post Parrot [not bound/will be wrapped most likely]
    Wrapped Enhanced Nightfire Glider [not bound]

    Not 100% sure but it's the info I could get by asking around.

    It really stinks that it takes this long to get the rewards. I was planning on using the hot tub in a video and it's delaying it so bad. Now with the golden key debacle they took a lot of man hours to remove nice things for us and they (of course) spend no man hour giving us the nice things we're overdue to get (the compensation for 6 months ago and the contest rewards). They absolutely don't need ALL of the winner's info to give rewards but somehow they're doing that. Why not give out all participation prizes now and give the rewards to winners that have answered? It's really ridiculous now and it becomes hard to be comprehensive on our end.
    tyvm for the info. =-) I have the box and anywhere warehouse on my main, so really wanted to share those items with my niece. (who is my garden partner).

    I'm sad about the delay too, but Celestra got married and went off on her honeymoon (grats C!) and I guess no one took over for her on this.

    They could use a little help with organization it seems. We'll just have to be patient and wait for her to return. I have not even received the 50 merits yet lol
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    Yes! Are the top 10 winners already rewarded too?

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    If you participated in the Joyful Homebuilder Society April 2017 contest, then good news: Your prizes are now available!

    For grand prize winners: Check your inboxes and check your in-game mail, as your prizes have been delivered in those locations.

    For participation prize winners: To retrieve your 50 Merit Badges, log in with your forum account and visit Down in the purchasable packs, you'll see a Joyful Homebuilder Society pack that is for sale with 0 credits required. Simply "purchase" that pack, assign it to one of your characters, and you'll have your merit badges sent to your in-game mail!
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