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Thread: The Dreaded bug's and Mana!

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    The Dreaded bug's and Mana!

    Hiya Forum lover's and Trion alike, i have played heavily since CB2 (lotsa coffee ^.-) I have experienced a fantastically made game with features that will have me addicted for many years i hope, however there are a few game breaking bugs for me and i thought i would finally share!

    Please feel free to ask any questions related to the bugs or this topic. Thanks!

    Ui bugs are quite frequent and we all know that the resolution and ui layout leaves much for add-on nutters to go crazy on however i thought as a company who makes games and mmos you would be able to have many resolution types for both monitor users and widescreen television viewers and a windowed full-screen for open beta might be nice!
    I experience myself when i log in and out of Archeage my hot-bars will reset to the original set up i had when i was around 23 my boat donkey and battle pets plus potions and food are annoying to say the least to remap every log in.
    The chat box seems very overwhelming when you log into the game and until you scale it down yourself it can and will get in the way of combat and party creation.

    Not many bugs that i dislike here :3 as many will agree, however i just thought it wise to add when you run over dolphins in any boat sometimes if your special they will stick in mid-air for hours. Funny stuff xD!!

    Mana - Health regen. ----not really bugs---

    This isnt a bug however i thought for the sake of help for myself if im being a noob or if the mana and health regen is forcing us to use food if you do not pick specific skill trees? I get to a point when killing creatures for a quest where i will have to just stop..and wait..........wait a little more for that health and mana bar to regen this i dislike as i can imagine oom problems occurring late game when killing bosses or raids<--(if any).

    Graphical bugs are quite frequent and a /Reloadui and /Stuck command is GREATLY NEEDED!! not only will it help for obviously stuck players, It will be amazing in those naval sea combats where your bars dont work or your glider is invisible or just general memory leakage, just to be able to reset it or refesh.

    All i have for now will keep it updated with any more bugs/Problems i encounter

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    ... why so many people post into wrong section of the forums? this section is for the translation errors... please post bugs into forum section called ArcheAge Beta Game Bug Reports and before doing that take your time to read the guide for posting beta bug reports by scapes.

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