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Thread: DESIGN CONTEST - - - Organized by Tifinchi (unofficial)

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    Lightbulb DESIGN CONTEST - - - Organized by Tifinchi (unofficial)

    With so many people telling me to do what I love, it has a lot of time (and help from friends) to put this idea into motion.

    I felt like many of us were missing out on the ability to create new designs to share with everyone. We show our houses to friends on occasion, but we don't often get to show off a new design idea.

    I am creating this contest to share our love of ArcheAge designing with others!

    First: The disclaimer.
    I am in no way associated with Glyph or Trion. I am just a regular player; however, it is important that certain codes of conduct be followed or people suffer.


    1. I, Tifinchi (as it is spelled on Kyrios - East), am the ONLY person organizing this particular event. All contact and mail should be to my character Tifinchi.

    2. Both East and West are welcome to participate. (The designated location is in a peace zone in the Rokhala Mountains. The picture provided should help you find my 8x8).

    3. Only 8x8 farms or workstations are allowed to participate in the contest.

    4. There will be a 10 gold buy in each week. You may leave your 8x8 every week if you don't mind the paying the taxes, but to enter the contest you will need to mail Tifinchi an in-game mail with your entrance fee. The winning will be split 60% and 40% among two winners. The more participants, the bigger the payout!

    5. I, Tifinchi, vow that I will keep absolutely ZERO percent of the winnings. You heard me! ZERO! This contest won't be fun if greed is involved. Do not let anyone convince you they are my advocate. I am the sole organizer of this contest! DO NOT SEND YOUR FEE TO ANYONE ELSE!

    6. You may use any decorations that will fit on your 8x8! Yes! This means crests, animations, and special items.

    7. Each week will be a different theme. I will label my farm with the theme, so you can check it in-game anytime. The first week, for example, is labeled "yourchoice." On "yourchoice" weeks you may pick any theme to design; however, on weeks with labels like "ocean," your design should in some way correspond to the theme.

    8. There will be a panel of judges. Participants of the contest MAY NOT be judges during weeks they are competing. The judges will be up to 5 people who volunteer and are present in-game on Saturday during the judging.

    9. Eligibility to enter the contest will end 2hrs BEFORE reset on Saturdays. Judging will be held 1 hr BEFORE reset on Saturdays, and the new week's theme will be posted after judging to begin the next week's contest.

    10. It would be wonderful if all contestants are present during judging, but it isn't required. If you aren't present, I will mail you the winnings if you are chosen.

    11. Mailing Me: The 10gold entry fee must be sent to Tifinchi (on Kyrios) only. It must be sent with the character who's 8x8 you will be using. One entry per person please. Your 8x8 must be near mine in Rokhala. Tell me the type of 8x8 you are using and location in your mail. Entries must be in my mail 2hrs before reset on Saturdays. Entry fees sent between then and reset will be returned. Using anything but an 8x8 will make you disqualified and your entries will be returned as well.

    12. There will be zero discrimination in entries. Anyone may enter as long as they follow the entry rules. (Again, East and West are both welcome to participate).

    Ok. Enough with the rules. Here is a picture of the location of my 8x8 where you should set up your design in Rokhala.

    Crossing my fingers that this will be as fun as I intended.
    Thanks Kyrios!


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    Would you consider using 16x16's on the future contests?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPH View Post
    Would you consider using 16x16's on the future contests?
    I have been thinking about ways to implement larger designs. For the sake of taxes, we may have to have a holiday special where the size of the property (or extended decoration slots) don't matter, but the judges will have to travel to location. Or maybe we will make that part of a tournament. As for the weekly contest, 8x8 work out best mathematically for the number of slots available. You can use private stations if you prefer housing decorations to yard decorations. You can either create designs with items or dress it up like a store-front window. Believe me, I know the challenge of decorating on an 8x8. This gives ya a week to figure out what you want to use and work towards it.... Long answer longer.... Maybe 16s in the future, but for now, 8x8 are a nice low-risk, low-tax trial of the contest I am picturing this contest as a sort of art-gallery style of sharing our lives. The most important aspect is to make our styles less stagnate.

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    Im new to AA, u probably hear me ratlle off many noob questions on a daily basis in faction lol. i think this is a cool idea, just wondering if u have any guides on making such things as crests and animations?

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    Oh sure I can help with that! So Crests have to be png and 256 by 256 exactly. (Here is a link to some templates for shapes other than basic - like columns and masks http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...rest-Templates). You must rename your design ucc.png and place it in the UCC folder inside documents (not in the "USER" folder). Capitalization counts! Buy a crest brainstorm from either the auction house or the store and find a crest printer (located in any major city). When the png is in the right folder and named properly you will see a thumbnail of it in the box on the left in the crest printer. Just click and go. It will consume the brainstorm and give you an "Ink". Then just take a memory ink (by right clicking) and select the ink. It will give you a stamp. Right click the stamp and apply it to any frame or crest item. Animated crests work pretty close to the same way (here is a template http://s14.postimg.org/jl4c7dr4x/Animated_Template.jpg). You can have 9 total frames that repeat on loop. Save the file the exact same way. Brainstorm it the same way. Make a stamp the same way. BUT be careful only to use an "animated crest" item. FYI - stick with blank canvases. The petite is so small its basically worthless. Animated must be crafted (look in your folio for detail - they are rather expensive to make).

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    Well....sadly No one took an interest in the contest, so I will be picking up my 8x8. Guess I'll have to find another creative outlet. But, I'm here if need anything design related

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