ArcheAge Version 3.0 Patch Notes -- April Update

The following release notes contain information about the ArcheAge April Update!

General Changes
  • Reduced the Guardian boss's health in Heart of Ayanad, but increased its health regeneration.

  • The Divine Clock is more loyal than ever! From now until May 3, you'll get 2 Loyalty Tokens per click on the Divine Clock instead of 1. From May 3 to May 16, you'll get 3 Loyalty Tokens per click. Enjoy the extra Loyalty!
  • The May Login Tracker rewards have been prepared and they include: Bound grimoire consumables (5 units each), Warrior’s Medals (10 units each), Merit Badges (2-3 units each), and Gilda Stars (2-3 units each). The day 7 reward is an Abyssal Shard, the day 14 reward is an Abyssal Crystal. The day 21 reward is a Login Badge. In addition, we have the following rewards added: Day 10 rewards a Wrapped Regrade Crate, day 15 awards a Better Boost Box which allows you to select your choice of boost from honor, labor or vocation. Day 20 rewards a Wrapped Resplendent Regrade Crate, and day 25 rewards a Best Boost Box which allows you to select even bigger boosts of honor, labor or vocation.
  • The Golden Tree Event will begin with the April Update and will conclude on May 1st.
    Celebrate Earth Day by planting Golden Trees on your land or out in the world, and harvesting the golden fruit! Harvest three times from the same tree and gain a Sparkling Golden Petal. The fruit can be used to gain a chance to obtain labor potions, Lunarite gems or bound Regrade scrolls. Turn your Petals in for Golden Apples and Golden Aura pots and flowerbeds. You must be level 50 or higher to use the Golden Tree Fruit. Only the character who planted the tree can harvest from it, but anyone can uproot the tree if they can access the land. Golden Trees and Golden Tree Fruits will be removed the moment the event is over, so be sure to use them!
  • The White Arden Ghost Wedding Festival will begin on May 2nd and will conclude on May 16th. Complete special quests in White Arden to obtain Ghost Wedding Festival Coins and Haunted Tokens. There are also new achievements to gain from completing the quests, and these achievements also reward Ghost Wedding Festival Coins. Haunted Tokens can grant you combat buffs when used at the Wraithwisp Altar. Festival Coins can be exchanged for instruments, furniture, buffs or the ability to host a banquet. In addition, the quest “A Spritual Connection” will reward you with a temporary mount and costume! To get to the festival, use the worldgate in Austera, Marianople and Diamond Shores or travel to White Arden by traditional means. You must be level 10 or higher to participate in the Festival. All quest items, Haunted Tokens, and temporary costume and mount will be removed at the end of the Festival.

Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted the case where the pirates are unable to complete the Guild Prestige Quest.
  • Fixed a bug where the same daily trials appear in different categories.
  • Fixed an issue where certain abilities of the Hellhound did not work while on auto-attack.
  • Fixed the bug where the "Small Parts" cannot be looted during the quest "Evacuation Protocol."
  • Fixed the bug where the Holy Bolt skill does not receive the effect of the Tyrenos's Index buff.
  • Fixed a bug where the monsters do not aggro a player entering stealth after using “Cursed Thorns.”
  • Haranya continent on the overworld map now shows the updated 3.0 map on mouse-over. (Cartographers FTW.)
  • Bloodstains will now only last for 10 minutes after being reported by a player, to help reduce issues where bloodstains can block the placement of other items. If a player continues to block your farm using bloodstains, please report them to customer service at
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the character to sit down during an ice fishing animation where it was unintended. (Don’t want your butt to freeze.)
  • Updated the tooltip for Rainbow Chum used for Family Sport Fishing.