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Thread: Hi one Question

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    Question Hi one Question

    Hi guys am ASB new to this game need help in skill building as a healer? am lvl 32 nw

    and thank you

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    That depends on what kind of Healer you want to be.
    PvE(Self)-Templar or something like this
    PvP(Raid),Cleric,Templar and a few others
    PvP(Smallscale)- Anything with Vitalism and Auramancy.

    I am not a Healer myself but that is what I see around.
    Btw this Topic fits better toward the forum "Skillsets and Classes". As well its more frequented by competent ppl.

    Cleric itself is kind of hard to grind up. I would recommend to level the different skilltrees step by step. Otherwise you would need to grind with "holy bolt" only(there are no real "farmskills" in those skilltrees otherwise)

    I hope i could help you at least a bit

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    Hello! I main healer and have played all of the main ones. I have done quite a bit of PVE and a lot of PVP.

    First thing is first, what is your play style? Do you prefer PVP or PVE? These are the kind of questions you need to be asking yourself because you want to find a build that fits you.

    I am going to assume that you know how Archeage's class system works (if not you should learn).

    All main healer specs will include Vit+Aura (some other good support specs make good use of Vit+Song).
    The reason for this is because auramancy and vitalism have many synergies. You can reduce the some of the healing skills from vitalism by stacking thward from auramancy. Spell shield makes antithesis and instant cast. Meditate is very helpful for heals and etc etc.

    Main healer specs (More common healers that can be effective) :

    Templar- A very tanky healer due to having Defense and Vitalism. Most people have a tough time killing a templar in pvp. It is considered by most to be a very reliable pvp healer. This class may have a harder time healing larger groups at lower gear.

    Cleric- Best heals in the game. The cleric has many options from applying 3 different 30mins buffs on players, Playing songs that buff players within a radius, and strong heals. The only problem is that it is a very squishy target that is easy to spot. You can gear a cleric to become tanky but it takes effort. For this reason they are considered better suited at PVE and large scale PVP where they can hide behind a meat shield. But if played with enough skill this class can shine in small scale pvp as it has debuffs. A lot of it's survivability in small scale pvp will depend on your team's skill to protect you.

    Hierophant- Good heals and a lot of crowd control. A good Hierophant must be knowledgeable about other classes and have quick reflexes to be effective. This is a more difficult to play healer as you must switch targets constantly from ally to enemy quite often. You also must do your best to keep track of enemies CC breaks and whether they used it or not (if you dont you may end up wasting your cc). This class has a harder time in PVE because most cc will not work on bosses and as a healer you should not be dealing with mobs. This class shines in PVP. It can be very rewarding to play once you get good at it, I personally find it a lot of fun.

    Soothsayer- A high movement healer who has stealth. Capable of ok dps when need be. This healer is great for dropping combat quicker to resurrect fallen allies in both PVE and PVP. This healer can avoid most damage in PVP by hiding in stealth the entire fight until an ally needs healing. Stealth is a very useful skill in the open world for numerous things.

    The above was not all of the healers but more of the most common. I recommend you start with one of those until you start to gain a better understanding of the game. After you find the one that suits you more focus on getting it's skills to level 50-55 (that's when the real game of Archeage begins).

    Happy adventuring!

    - Inoch from the server Vengeance

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