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Thread: Hi one Question

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    Question Hi one Question

    Hi guys am ASB new to this game need help in skill building as a healer? am lvl 32 nw

    and thank you

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    That depends on what kind of Healer you want to be.
    PvE(Self)-Templar or something like this
    PvP(Raid),Cleric,Templar and a few others
    PvP(Smallscale)- Anything with Vitalism and Auramancy.

    I am not a Healer myself but that is what I see around.
    Btw this Topic fits better toward the forum "Skillsets and Classes". As well its more frequented by competent ppl.

    Cleric itself is kind of hard to grind up. I would recommend to level the different skilltrees step by step. Otherwise you would need to grind with "holy bolt" only(there are no real "farmskills" in those skilltrees otherwise)

    I hope i could help you at least a bit

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