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    ArcheAge Version 3.5 Patch Notes – Erenor Eternal

    ArcheAge Version 3.5 Patch Notes – Erenor Eternal

    The following release notes contain information about our latest major ArcheAge update: Erenor Eternal!

    Go beyond Level 55 with Ancestral Levels and Ancestral Skills
    “It was the moment she had waited for. The day when all the mud, the blood, and the pain she endured made sense. In this moment, she realized where her destiny lay.”

    Level 55 is no longer the end of your journey! Explore a continuation of the main storyline of ArcheAge as you ascend into Ancestral Levels!

    With each new rank comes a new set of deadly choices: Ancestral Skills. Harness the power of the elements into the skills you already possess, and change them into something you’ve never seen before.

    To learn more about Ancestral Levels and Skills, visit this website spotlight.

    Visit new areas of Auroria: Whaleswell Straits, Whalesong Harbor, and Aegis Island
    “The old harbor reeked, but we needed a new foothold in our fight against Anthalon.”

    Visit more territory of the Northern Continent as we journey to Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island. Fight against the newest threats posed by Anthalon, and learn more what the Ipnysh heroes struggled to contain in the Abyss so long ago.

    To learn more about these new areas, visit this website spotlight.

    Old system, new tricks: Trading Update
    “Remember when we use to park our boat by the docks, and that guard guy would get so pissed off we could steal from pretty much anyone? What was his name again?”

    Trading has undergone a large amount of changes, from trade packs to stabilizers rewards. Learn about how your trade packs work in this website article.

    New Crafting, Erenor Crafting & Regrading Mechanics
    “And as the power began to flow back into the world, the old ways of things began to give way to the new.”

    Erenor gear and the Eternal item grade are now available. Crafting mechanics have been revised along with regrade mechanics. If there’s any piece of the patch notes you need to read over, this is a must read!

    Erenor Gear requires Ancestral Level 1 to be worn.

    Meet the new laws of conflict
    “Hey, before you go on that trade run… I just wanted to say… I love you… and be careful out there…”

    Conflict isn’t limited to PvP anymore! Now zones can move through conflict via player kills, NPC monster kills, and through quest completions. Now you’ll see more zones in peace, and more times when you can take advantage of the spoils of war. Golden Ruins has also been moved to a changing conflict cycle.

    Halcyona, Whalesong Harbor, and Aegis Island will also only perform their events when they are pushed into war. This means events may happen multiple times per day, and will be started by player actions. Mistmerrow, Diamond Shores, and Karkasse remain on special timers for their conflict settings.

    New Events!
    New Horizons Await: June 7 – June 20 – Visit Erenor’s newest zones in style! Talk to Adventurer Rogen in Austera, Marianople, or Diamond Shores to get two new quests to explore Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island. Once you have that quest, visit the corresponding zone and retrieve the daily quests from the Crimson Watch Camp. Once those event quests are completed, these special event quests will be completed too and reward you with 1 Daru Warrior’s Chest and 1 Honorable Warrior’s Medal!

    Let’s Have a Real Match: June 21 – July 3 – Starting on June 21, visit the Masked Daru in Marianople for two new quests focused on some good, old fashioned Arena brawls. Complete either one for a reward of 5-10 Warrior’s Medals, 2 Bruiser’s Badges, and 300 Honor!

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    General Changes

    General Changes
    • Lunafrost effects can now be turned on or off in settings. No glow, no problem.
    • The experience from levels 51 – 55 has been reduced as Ancestral Levels have been added to the game. They are now as follows:
      • Level 51: 4,919,600
      • Level 52: 5,760,440
      • Level 53: 7,147,826
      • Level 54: 9,437,013
      • Level 55: 12,214,171
    • The Teleport Book now has a zone search option.
    • The size of the Arena UI has been adjusted.
    • Family and Guild Member’s houses, Farms, and Aquafarms are now displayed on the map.
    • A building’s name is now displayed on the Building UI.
    • A special visual effect has been added when a player founds an independent nation.
    • New loading screens have been added for Erenor Eternal.
    • 11 new achievements relating to Abyssal Skills have been added.
    • A new achievement for crafting Erenor Equipment is available.
    • 8 new Community Center Specialty achievements were added.
    • 7 new achievements related to Captain’s Protection were added.
    • Some older achievements have been adjusted.
    • Celebration Time: You may now open Worldgates while under Rebirth Trauma.
    • Attacking Invincible targets now puts the player appropriately into combat.
    • Skills can no longer be reset on the UI while in-combat, casting, transforming, or dead.
    • Skill Saver’s activation time has been reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
    • Miscellaneous Skills have been renamed to Special Skills.
    • Equipment repair costs have been increased. Higher ranked items will require more money for repairs.
    • Durability on items now decreases faster when players are attacked or attack others.
    • Lunagem socketing costs have been increased.
    • Quests and achievements related to removed crafting tiers have also been removed.
    • New character animations have been added for specific debuffs: Pushed Back, Pulled, Shackle, Crows.
    • Players can now attack while under the Dominator’s Authority debuff, but their attacking/healing against NPCs is drastically reduced.
    • Go a cut above the rest: All females have 2 new hairstyles, while Dwarven women have 3 new hairstyles!
    • Adjusted the guild tent's window size.
    • Now the Petrification effect can be gradually decreased.
    • Added a Rampage car for test drive on Mirage Isle.
    • Increased the Escape time when it is used with a tradepack equipped.
    • Removed floating lanterns in the background of Character Selection, Race Selection, Skill Selection and Appearance Selection Screens.
    • Now Community UI has sound effects.
    • Added the Great Failure description on Regrade UI.
    • Now Daily Schedule displays information about Siege Time.

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    World Changes

    World Changes
    • Halcyona’s Battle of the Golden Plains, and the Gold Trader events have been removed from the daily schedule window. Halcyona now activates the event based on moving into War, and the Gold Trader has been removed. The clink of coins shall be heard no more.
    • Adjusted the spawn times of specific World Boss monsters. We have received feedback on this from the community and are seeking to change the anchor time to 20:00 UTC for EU and 6:00 PM PST for players in the future.
      • Kraken spawns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 22:05 UTC for EU and 8:05 PM PST for NA. Disappears in 3 hours.
      • Red Dragon spawns on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 22:10 UTC for EU and 8:10 PM PST for NA. Disappears in 3 hours.
      • Leviathan spawns on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 22:00 UTC for EU and 8:00 PM PST for NA. Disappears in 10 hours.
      • Delphinad Ghost Ship spawns at 22:15 PM UTC for EU and 8:15 PM PST for NA daily. Disappears in 2 hours.
      • Hanure the Hunter respawns every 12 hours from his death/disappearance, and disappears in 2 hours if not killed.
      • Rangora respawns every 8 hours from her death/disappearance, and disappears in 2 hours if not killed.
      • Morpheus respawns every 8 hours from his death/disappearance, and disappears in 2 hours if not killed.
      • Dahuta’s Champion Nazar respawns every 4 hours from his death/disappearance, and disappears in 2 hours.

    • Red Dragon now only drops Enraged Red Dragon Weapons. Berserk weapons no longer drop.
    • Leviathan’s attack patterns have been adjusted. The overall goal is to differentiate the phases he fights in and reduce the difficulty of his fight.
      • Leviathan will now begin to throw up all of the things he ate in the sea. This process begins in Phase 4 of the fight, and these tradepacks can be retrieved even if he is not killed. Swallowed Pouches can only be opened while on the ground and require 200 labor. The opening time is 45 seconds.
      • Pushing Leviathan through more phases results in more Swallowed Pouches dropping.
      • Swallowed Pouches can drop the following: Gold, Metallic Auroran Crate, Lost Metallic Crate. Uncommonly they can drop the Crimson Watch Research Box, Enoan Galleon Blueprint Fragment, and Vaultstones. Rarely they can drop a Book of Auroria.

    • The Battle of Mistmerrow is now 8 minutes shorter to reduce the amount of times you re-enact NASCAR.
      • The Mistmerrow NPC spawn duration has also been reduced from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.

    • Only Epic level monsters in Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift, and Crimson Army Counterattack battles drop loot now.
    • The honor awarded as a part of Crimson and Grimghast Rifts has been improved:
      • Crimson Rift Stage 1 was increased from 50 to 200 Honor.
      • Crimson Rift Stage 2 was increased from 150 to 300 Honor.
      • Crimson Rift Stage 3 was increased from 150 to 700 Honor.
      • Grimghast Rift Stage 1 was increased from 100 to 400 Honor.
      • Grimghast Stage 2 was increased from 400 to 800 Honor.

    • Adjusted local plant spawns in Nuia and Haranya. Harvesting wild plants should become easier.
    • New plants were added: Goldenbell Flower (Golden Ruins) and Singing Sea-Blite (Whalesong Harbor.) These plants can also be obtained for Lord’s Coins at Specialty Workbenches. They are used in crafting Auroria Specialty packs.
    • Community Centers now have an “on sale board.” This board displays all on-sale buildings within the region for easy access.
    • Added a "Board" in the Community Task Board. Allows to share the local information of the region where the community center is located.
    • Players can now record recall points for Community Centers.
    • The interior design of Community Centers have been spruced up. So fancy.
    • The road connecting Ahnimar and Hellswamp has been widened. You know why. #HaulerGraveyard
    • Dropping off Cargo to the Diamond Shores bases can now upgrade them to a Rank 4 building! Once they reach Rank 4, they will add in a Trade Outlet required for Auroria trading. Beware, as letting the base be attacked means the Trade Outlet can be destroyed!
    • Guards are now Level 55. ‘Bout time.
    • Some NPCs now have Ancestral Levels. They can be cool too, you know.
    • The Tower of Atonement in Sunbite Wilds now has a sound effect when you pray.
    • Library instances now hold 120 players, up from 100.
    • Faction Base Guide NPC: Adjusted the NPC's location in Marianople.
    • Adjusted the respawn point in the Harani Governor's Office in Sunbite Wilds.
    • Removed the unused Family quest board in the Blue Salt Brotherhood base.
    • Mistsong Summit: Dochul now does not use the "Roof Tile Steps" skill if his HP is below 5%.
    • Mistsong Summit: Taris now takes Melee Damage!
    • Thunderwing Titan can now drop a new reward: The Thunderwing Hood!

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    • The main storyline continues! Players who have completed the quest, “A Strained Alliance” can accept a new quest from Scout Captain Camaro.
    • Quests in the following areas have been removed or been adjusted to speed character leveling: Gweonid Forest, Solzreed Peninsula, Lilyut Hills, Dewstone Planes, White Arden, Marianople, Two Crowns, Falcorth Plains, Arcum Iris, Tigerspine Mountains, Mahadevi, Solis Headlands, Villanelle, Silent Forest, Ynystere.
    • Blue Salt Trade routes have been adjusted, and some older routes have been discontinued due to the trade changes.
    • Thunderwing now drops the Thunderwing Titan's feathers item that used in completing the quest "Slay the Titan."
    • Kill the Final Sealbreaker: Adjusted the quest completion conditions. (The Shadowed Torch event in Aegis Island.) Must interact with the Erenor Gate to complete the quest.
    • Adjusted the quest goal of All in the Family "Deliver Cargo" from "General Cargo" to "Cargo."
    • Now All in the Family "Deliver Cargo" quest grants 20 Charcoal Stabilizer. (Previous: 15)
    • Fixed some text issues in the "Deliver Cargo" quest on the quest log.
    • Adjusted the required item of Blue Salt Brotherhood "Trade Run” from "General Cargo" to "Cargo."
    • "Separated the rewards earning from the All in the Family "Overseas Cargo."
      • All in the Family "Overseas Cargo " Reward: 1500 Vocation Badges
      • The reward from the quests that start when turning tradepacks in to a cargo Exchanger: 20 Charcoal Stabilizer

    • Now Crimson Rift Quests 1-3 are auto-completed when players accomplish the goal.
      • Helping the War Effort
      • Halting the Crimson Tide 1
      • Halting the Crimson Tide 2
      • Crimson Rift Rank 1
      • Crimson Rift Rank 2
      • Crimson Rift Rank 3

    • Now Grimghast Rift's Part 1 and Part 2 quests are accepted at the same time.
    • Tofu Delivery and Suntofu Sale: Updated the quest story to make it fit better in the ArcheAge World.
    • Improved the informative texts for Resident Quests that ask to craft local specialties.
    • Added a quest description to “A Good Reputation?”
    • Now 2 "Hauling Cargo Inland" quests can be accepted at the same time while progressing the family quest "Overseas Cargo."
    • The Hauling Cargo Inland quests require level 30 to be attained.
    • Added a description of the quest goal for “Friends and Acquaintenances.”
    • Adjusted the Merit Quest Specialty Crafting quest description.
    • Edited the text in Hereafter Stone crafting quests in Lilyhut Hills and Tigerspine Mountains.
    • World Bosses Quest: Removed the Final Sealbreaker from the quest goal.
    • Fixed an issue where Stunned Deer for the quest "Wakey-Wakey" could be spawned normally(not stunned).
    • Always It Is Dawn: fixed an issue where "Always It Is Dawn" could not appear on the completed quest log.
    • Fixed an issue where some quests' start locations were incorrect in the Warborn Race Quest Chapter 6.

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    PvP, Arena, Hero System, Sieges

    PvP, Arena, Hero System, Sieges
    • 4 Clear Lunagems and 19 Honorable Lunastones have been removed from the Honor Shop.
    • The Arena ranking rewards have been adjusted to now include the Eternal grade as the top prize offering. The Items have remained the same.
    • The Blood in the Sand Tournament rings have also had their grades adjusted to take Eternal into account.
    • Adjusted the min/max participants of the Free-for-all Arena.
    • Previous Total participants: 8 players ---> Now Min 6 players - Max 12 playersIn Update 3.5, players will now receive rewards up to Rank 4 instead of Rank 5.
    • You no longer have to be a hero to be able to use your Gold Evernight Ring or Silver Evernight Ring if you receive one from a Hero Reward.
    • The Territory Farm, Territory Market, Territory Warehouse, Sovereign’s Vault, Territory Workshop, Military Headquarters, Diplomacy Headquarters, Advanced Territory Farm, and Prime Territory Farm now receive less siege damage. This change gives them about double their original durability.

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    Family Changes, Guild Changes, Nation Changes

    Family Changes, Guild Changes, Nation Changes
    • Added a new quest for Overseas Cargo, and changed the prior Blue Salt Delivery Quest.
    • The “All In The Family” set of quests now unlocks at level 30. Characters who have already unlocked the category will not have to unlock it again.
    • When a Nation’s Peace Treaty is now rejected, they’ll receive only 50% of their Lord’s Coins back.
    • Construction Material Production minimum time has been reduced from 20 hours to 8 hours.
    • Territory Tax Rates are now displayed on the map.
    • The Guild Leader’s name will always be on the top of the guild member list.
    • Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island monsters have been added to Guild Missions.
    • Royal Seals no longer require wisps, they now require 2,000 of each type of Archeum Essence.
    • Housing Deposits are no longer contributed to Peace Fund.

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    • Trade Outlets have been added. These areas are peaceful places where players cannot attack one another.
    • Cargo is a new type of trade pack that must be purchased from Trade Outlets. You will require a Cargo Certificate from a merchant to purchase them. For more information on Cargo and how it is moved across the world, please see our spotlight article on Trading.
    • Cargo is created when a Trade Outlet receives a specific number of specialty packs from players: 14 General Specialties, 8 Merchant Specialties, 4 Aged Specialties will create 2 Cargo.
    • Trade Outlets can hold up to 200 cargo at one time. Even if an outlet is full, Specialty Packs can be traded in.
    • The time it takes to receive rewards has been reduced from 22 hours to 8 hours.
    • Interest rates on trade payments have been reduced from 5% to 2%.
    • Buying Certified Cargo will now cost 75 labor. Selling Certified Cargo for Stabilizers costs 175 Labor. Charcoal Stabilizers can be retrieved from specialized merchants on Nuia and Haranya and Auroria with Blue Salt Certified Cargo. Dragon Essence Stabilizers can only be purchased with Overseas Cargo on Freedich Island.
    • Trade Outlets may sometimes hold sales when they become overstocked. Keep an eye out for great bargains for a limited time!
    • Players can now purchase a Shadow Daru trader for 20g at a General Merchant. This Shadow Daru can be summoned in the peaceful areas of Trade Outlets to quickly and discreetly exchange Cargo. Item lasts for 1 hour, and the summoned trader stays in the world for 5 minutes.
    • Specialty pack rewards have been fully adjusted, and will change depending on the stock the Trade Outlet currently holds. Trade in diverse amounts of packs to keep your profit high.
    • Special, safe passage boats now travel between the following Trade Outlets: Solis Headlands to Two Crowns, Solzreed Peninsula to Ynystere.
      • Visit the Cargo Manager to purchase a Captain’s Protection pass for 5 gold or purchase one from the Vocation Store for 1,000 Vocation. While under the pass and on the boat, you cannot be attacked.
      • The protection buff is removed when players leave the ship.

    • Shadow Merchants no longer accept trade packs.
    • Adjusted prices of item sold by General Merchants and Seed and Sapling Merchants.
      • Hereafter Stones: 75 silver
      • Adjusted the price of Livestock, Sapling, and Seeds.

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    Regrading & Crafting

    Regrading & Crafting
    • Regrading an item no longer resets tempering.
    • The Regrade UI has received slightly updated terminology to better reflect game items.
    • To better clarify what level a certain Regrade Charm can be used at, the Regrade Charm grades have been adjusted.
    • Regrade success rates now vary depending on the item. See the Regrade spotlight for more information.
    • Regrade costs have been changed. Basic to Unique regrade costs have been reduced by about 21%, Unique through Divine grades cost about the same, and grades above Unique will cost more. Costs are now heavily based in the item’s performance and grade level.
    • Regrade Charms can now be used on Ship and Pet Accessories.
    • The estimated success rate of your Regrade is now displayed in the Regrade window.
    • Items destroyed through Regrading now offer Archeum instead of wisps.
    • Transmuters can now be used to choose which item subtype you would like by re-cloaking the item. Cloaked items do not lose their grade, and are also required in upgrade crafting.
    • The Armorer’s House no longer grants sealed equipment, but it may grant Basic – Arcane equipment when crafted.
    • Reduced the Labor cost on crafting Illustrious from 1,400 to 600.
    • Increased labor cost of crafting Ayanad from 800 to 1,250.
    • Added new materials for Obsidian recipes.
    • Lower tier Dye materials are now used in crafting higher tier Dyes.
    • Reduced the Nuri Forest Lumber required for crafting Aurora Storage Chest from 10 to 5.
    • Reduced the amount of required Warrior’s Medals for crafting Delphinad/Ayanad Cloaks, but increased the amount of required materials obtained from Auroria hunting.
    • Added mass production and salvaging recipes for Archeum.
    • Added mass production recipes for Paper and Blank Scrolls.
    • Added mass production recipes for Regrade Gems.
    • Dewdrop Leather can now be found under Leather. Makes sense, right?
    • Cloth costumes have been moved to the Cloth category. Surprise!
    • Increased the amount of materials and labor required to make keys for Metal Crates. Reduced the number of keys that were created.
    • Increased the amount of Archeum Essence and Revenant Soulstones in Soulforged Gear modification to Obsidian.
    • Abyssal Shards required to make an Abyssal Crystal have been reduced from 40 to 30.
    • The Hereafter Stone recipe has been adjusted. The new stones will require 30 labor, 6 stone, and 1 Charcoal Stabilizer to create 10 Hereafter Stones.
    • Added a recipe for an Expanded Otherworld Storage Chest.
    • Reduced the required amount of Archeum Crystal/Essence for crafting equipment. Reduced the required amount of Archeum Crystal/Essence for Illustrious - Delphinad equipment.
      • The Equipment Designer's Workbench's recipe is updated to meet the new required amount.

    • Adjusted Obsidian Equipment crafting materials.
      • Remove Mana Wisps from the recipes.
      • Added Archeum Crystal/Essence in the recipes; Archeum Crystals for T1-2, Archeum Essence for T3-7

    • Erenor Cloaks can be crafted at the Proven Warrior's Workbench for 450 Labor. Requires a Legendary Ayanad Cloak as a material. The grade of result item is Arcane.
    • Increased the Labor cost in crafting Dungeon gear 50 -> 100.
    • Increased the required amount of Abyssal Shard in crafting Unique Dungeon Armor 10 -> 12.
    • Increased the required amount of Abyssal Shard in crafting Celestial Dungeon Armor 12 -> 20.
    • Unified the Farm Cart Update tickets to a Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket, and updated farm cart upgrade recipes.
      • Due to the upgrade ticket changes, the recipes that requires the ticket has been adjusted.
      • Added 6 new recipes to change a hauler's appearance.
      • Added 3 new recipes to upgrade a hauler to a Freighter.

    • Now 12 temporary Mirage Weapons can be crafted at the Proven Warrior Workbench.
    • Reduced the amount of Warrior’s Medals to create Delphinad cloaks from 500 to 300.
    • Reduced the amount of Warrior’s Medals to create Ayanad cloaks from 800 to 500.

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    Vocation Related

    Vocation Related
    • Cages and Pens now offer more Fresh Fertilizer.
    • Planting outside of protected land now costs no labor.
    • Archeum Trees now offer 30% more Archeum per harvest.
    • Regrade Braziers now offer more Regrade Gems.
    • Certain Wild Harvest plants can now be obtained in the Vocation Badge shop to aid in reducing crafting difficulty: Blueberry Seeds, Beech Saplings, Vanilla Seeds, Black Pepper Seeds, and Chestnut Saplings can be obtained.
    • Blueberry’s climate has been changed to Temperate, and they mature in about 14 hours and 18 minutes.
    • Blueberry bushes now offer between 2 and 4 Blueberries.
    • Archeum Essence now stacks up to 1,000 (previous was 100).
    • Adjusted the sell price of Family Quest: Freshwater Sport Fishing.

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    • Combat Scroll: Lightning, Combat Scroll: Penetration, and Combat Scroll: Breakthrough are all now unified under Combat Scrolls: Attacker. Upon use, you have the option to choose the buff you want.
    • Lord’s Coin can now be sold on the Auction House.
    • Drinks and potions can now be stacked to 1000.
    • Recovery Pouches can now be stacked to 100.
    • Names of building designs and the building names now match.
    • Ancient Archery Lunagems have been changed. Feral Mark Duration Increase is now Aura Explosion Skill Damage Increase.
    • Mythic pieces of equipment now have 1 additional Lunagem slot.
    • Gold gain during monster hunting has been increased by about 15%.
    • Unidentified Weapon/Armor drop rates in Auroria have been increased.
    • Increased the drop rate of the Book of Auroria from the Haunted Chest.
    • Unidentified equipment can now be sold to Merchants for a small amount of gold.
    • Reduced the amount of Black Pearls obtained from Treasure Maps and Treasure Chests. Rewards at the Arcane and Heroic ranks have also been adjusted as wisps have been retired.
    • Many additional older costumes can now be worn by Dwarves and Warborn. Look for them soon!
    • Added Erenor rank items and upgraded raid items to the Item Encyclopedia.
    • Small Houses can now be upgraded to 2-stories, creating: Raised Slate Cottages, Raised Spring Cottages, Raised Rose Cottages, and Raised Swept-Roof Cottages.
    • New furniture designs are available in the Vocation Badge Shop or on Mirage Isle.
    • You may now sell buildings and Full Kit Demolitions even if your taxes were pre-paid. Those pre-paid taxes will not be returned but will be given to the next owner.
    • Removed the feature that a lamp/lighting item could auto-light in a certain time.
    • Severed body parts are now untradable.
      • If these items were placed in a shared chest, the first person who takes them will earn the ownership.

    • War Drum: Now the War Drum does not disappear. (Used to have a 30-minute duration, the duration has been removed.)
    • To display the equipped gear clearly, now the gear's tooltip shows the set gear items. Currently equipped gear appears in color with the yellow frame on the icon. Unequipped items are displayed grey. (example: Ayanad armor set)
    • Increased the max stack amount of the following items. (Save the bag space!)
      • Ayanad Costume Design Scrap, Enchanted Skein, Disciple's Tear
      • Companion's Growthstone, Adventurer's Growthstone
      • Acid Gobbet, Cursed Armor Scrap

    • Lucky Ipnysh Scroll, Cryptic Lucky Scroll Items are now tradable.
    • Now Synthesis Stone Pack can be crafted in a Wrapped form. The Wrapped Synthesis Stone Pack is tradable.
    • Cursed Armor Scrap and Acid Gobbet cost 1500 Labor to combine.
    • Added the Transportation Ticket: "Follow" item.
      • Can be purchased at General Merchants.
      • Price: 10g, shop price is 50s.
      • Tradable.
    • Does not stack or cannot be used with existing Follow buff.
    • Added the description texts for Illustrious Life Accessory and Magnificent Life Accessory: “These items cannot be obtained anymore; also cannot be converted via Transmuter”
      • Illustrious Life Ring
      • Illustrious Life Necklace
      • Illustrious Life Earring
      • Magnificent Life Necklace
      • Magnificent Life Earring
      • Magnificent Life Ring

    • Added description text for Rainbow Chum sold at General Merchants.
    • All Vehicle/Hauler upgrade tickets are combined. Added a new item "Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket”.
      • Existing old tickets can be exchanged to a Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket.

    • Due to the upgrade ticket changes, the recipes that requires the ticket has been adjusted.
    • Added 6 new recipes to change a hauler's appearance.
    • Existing Farm Cart Upgrade tickets can be exchanged to a Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket.
    • Added the Rousing Rabbit Pajamas Package.
      • Now Rousing Rabbit Pajamas are "Binds on Pickup."

    • Added the in-game recipe for a Rampage car (no crates version).
    • Updated the grade of the Regrade Charms to meet the regrade range.
    • Enhanced Astra Wings: Cruising: Fixed the issue that the glider wouldn't descend when pressing S (down arrow).
    • Enhanced Titan's Wings: Cruising: Fixed the issue that the glider wouldn't descend when pressing S (down arrow).
    • Now synthesis costume and undergarments can be upgraded to the Eternal grade.
    • Removed Mining Drill and Majestic Tree from the Vocation Badge Shop.
    • Equip requirement has been removed from the Hero reward Accessory items.
    • Now Gilda Dust is no longer used in game. Certain packs will continue to use Gilda Dust for now, but you will no longer be able to disintegrate Gilda Stars into Gilda Dust. In most places, Gilda Dust has been replaced by Charcoal Stabilizers.
    • Fixed an issue where Titan's Will’s effect could cancel Stealth.
    • Added the Ancestral Warrior Medal item.
      • Used to activate Ancestral slots; can be purchased at Honor Shop/Vocation Badge Shop.

    • Added the Captain's Protection item.
      • Can be purchased from a Cargo Ship Manager for 5g; or from Vocation Badge Shop for 1000 Vocation Badges.

    • Combat Manual: Offers the option to choose Temper, Haste, Awaken or Flame.
      • Existing 'Combat Manual: Temper', 'Combat Manual: Haste', 'Combat Manual: Awaken', 'Combat Manual: Flame' grant "Combat Manual" when they are used.

    • Now salvaging does not grant Mana Wisps.
      • Mana Wisps were replaced by Archeum Crystal or Essence in crafting recipes.
      • Cloaked items can be crafted at the Reforge workbench on Mirage Isle.
      • Mana Wisps now grants 15 Archeum Crystals when it is used.

    • Removed All Salvage Forge.
      • Cannot craft Salvage Forge anymore.
      • Existing Salvage Forge has lost its features.
      • Salvage Forge can be sold or exchanged for 1 Thunderstruck Tree.

    • Added the required item rank info on Sealed Equipment Item tooltips.
    • Added Ancestor's Coinpurse and Display Cabinet.
      • Dropped by Ancestral Lv1+ NPC in Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island.

    • The Auroran Synthesis Stone Pack is now wrapped and will become bound when unwrapped.
    • The Honor and Vocation stores now have an item called the “Honorable Warrior’s Token. This token is required to increase your Ancestral Level. It can be acquired for 2,000 Honor or 4,000 Vocation.
    • We’ve increased the drop rate on the Lost Metallic Crate from 0.09% to 0.36%. The drop rate of the Metallic Auroran Crate has been increased from 0.05% to 0.20%.

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