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    Captain's Protection buff is not protecting to be attacked?!

    I bought a Captain's Protection item and used on the ship's captain, what is travelling between Solzreed and Ynystere. Take a nuian cargo from Solzreed and going to Ynystere to sell it. The ship almost reached Ynystere's Trading Outlet and 2 red characters jumped on it and used skills (I don't know what) and my character was in battle. After my character is died and cargo dropped down.

    The character sat near the captain, hearts were above the character head, and not away 35m where buff is disappearing.

    So that is Captain's Protection buff is not working correctly and/or players find out how use that bug against players who travelling on the public ship?

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    Can you pm me the names of the people who attacked you and a time frame?

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    Hmm, I wonder if Captain's Protection works when in a Dominion. Has anyone tested that?
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    Same here

    Almost as soon as we set sail the captains protection buff is gone from my character. Was attacked by sea bugs today so I spent a very nervous trip from Solzreed to Ynystere. It's the second time I've noticed the buff disappear but the first time I've actually been attacked.

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    Interacting with players and using skills can cause the buff to fall while on the boat I recommend sitting in a chair and hands off keyboard until you arrive.
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    I've also had instances where the captain will eat my ticket but not give me the buff.

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    @ ykeara ... and Trion ...

    " I recommend sitting in a chair and hands off keyboard until you arrive. "

    That doesn't work. I have had three situations;

    1. My main was damaged aboard the ship, half the health - nothing other than that.

    2. I found my main floating in the water and was obviously thrown off the ship, pack on the back.

    3. I found my main thrown off the ship, dead in the water and I transferred to a cemetary. I managed to retrieve the pack from the bottom of the ocean and deliver in time. Have screenshot.


    In all three cases I have no suspicion that players was using cheats, glitches or exploits. If so, my pack would have been stolen.

    I have no doubts either that an exploit exists or can be invented, so in the future I look at the screen ready to take screenshots.

    It seems that even if I bench a character they can later be seen floating or hovering above the deck of the ship. In this case, when using alts to transfer, I raise that character and rebench - like locking to a bench. That seems to be working to a certain extend.

    I have noticed using a personal ship and having alts on board, that they are thrown off the ship when crossing a boundary - like between two zones. When they are clinging to a mast or some weapon or telescope they are fastened to the ship, then it doesn't happen.

    So I wonder if the cargo ship has a glitch where people are thrown overboard crossing a boundary - and especially if they are not benched. It is like they are in a bubble of protection but crossing a boundary or some other events if they are not secured - they are pulled overboard, and then of course the buff is gone ?

    Interacting or just by accident I have seen the captains protection buff disappearing without apparant reason. Under no circumstances should the buff disappear. But it does.

    I haven't experienced the same en route from Two Crowns to Solis, so in all the three cases + the buff disappearing it was from Solzreed to Ynystere.

    Please fix - highly irritating.

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    Same thing happened to me. I don't have names because I was up getting water at the time. But I had captain's protection and the trip still had about 10 minutes to go and I got up for under a minute and it happened that fast. Since the game doesn't give you the names of people who kill you, though, it's impossible to say who did it. But this bug is getting exploited hard. I'm still waiting for Trino to compensate me the 33 gold, 75 labor, and cargo cert back. This is ridiculous and I'm considering quitting the game if they don't fix this. I was SEATED with captain's protection. How did I get knocked off hmmm? Trino get your crap together, compensate the victims of this exploit, and start bringing down the banhammer. Until then I'm gonna post this in every forum until someone at Trino decides to DO something about it!

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    I dont think it is a Exploit. It is a Bug pure and simple!
    I dont know the circumstances when the captains buff is disappearing, but when i go with 5 chars - at least two of them pay twice.


    it cost me at least 200 gold extra right know

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindseyLewis View Post
    ... Since the game doesn't give you the names of people who kill you, though, it's impossible to say who did it...
    You can set up a combat chat window and it will show you who attacks you and how much damage they do.

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