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    Quote Originally Posted by TenDesires View Post
    Complaining is one thing, flooding the forums with only complaints and denigrating content is another. Many people would love to have interesting talks about their favorite game, but everytime they open the forums or reddit they're met with a majority of such content posted by people who even go as to openly insult the publisher in their signature.

    One this is for certain, these forums are a haven of pure negativity.
    There is a good reason for that. This publisher has done everything to their customers in that is in the book and got away with it.

    You may not agree with "complainers", you have a right for your own opinion however we complainers have had enough and have just as much right to have an opinion as you do.
    Again, we pay for this game which gives us right to voice said opinions.

    Also, you are insulting "complainers". Isn't that a little contradictory? O.O'

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruttle2 View Post
    It was insulting. The "compensation" was so minor I really don't understand why they bothered. It's like giving a penny as a tip to a waitress. Try it the next time you order breakfast at your local diner. See how long it takes to get your food spit in...
    This comment is a good example of my point @TenDesires.

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    I can share discontent about compensation all i want, but i, as one of those players who are going to save the coins, have faith in trion, that they will give us something worthwhile.
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    I laughed when I saw what the 10 coins could get you as "compensation". I truly felt insulted. If I treated my customers like that I would be out of work.
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    The 10 Coin Compensation feels more like an insult with the stuff they offer in that tab.
    For all the Hype that Khrolan threw at us with his talk about it i expected something atleast useful.

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    It's a smack in da chops.

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    As a legacy player, 3.0 issues didn't really effect me other than one or two days of downtime to sort the issues out.
    The choice of honor, merit or labour to cover that seems fair.

    I imagine those on the fresh start servers feel slightly different about that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shantar View Post
    I laughed when I saw what the 10 coins could get you as "compensation". I truly felt insulted. If I treated my customers like that I would be out of work.
    This is a point that I think the video game industry as a whole just misses entirely. The stigma surrounding video gamers remains the "kid that lives in their parents' basement". That's typically how we're viewed. We are seen and treated like a socially impared, spoiled kid that is throwing a tantrum. At least, that's how we are all viewed.

    The facts couldn't be further from the truth. It's what leads to much of the frustration when dealing with Trion/XL and many other game developers that share this attitude towards their customers. We're not actually kids. I know, it's shocking. The ESA puts out game industry statistics every year. In 2016, the average gamer age was 35 and we funded 23 billion dollars in sales. So we're not kids and we are not broke.

    In reality, we're from all walks of life. I have met doctors that play. I have met lawyers that play. Managers, business owners, local politicians, actors, and musicians are all here online with us. Back in the early 2000's, I was a correctional officer and I'd say at least 1/4 of the guards there played EQ.

    The point is, we get treated here with disrespect and dismissal. Our suggestions are met with placation instead of serious consideration. With this lies the problem. As Shantar pointed out, if they treated their customers this way, they would be out of a job. I don't know if they are an owner or a manager, but it's true. Customer service is completely disregarded as a whole in the video game industry. No other industry that I know of can get away with the same level of poor service without bankruptcy.

    Then there's the suggestions. Many people here go through the effort of detailed analysis, reporting, and problem solving these issues. This is usually met with, at best, a metaphorical pat on the head and a "ok, thanks. Now go run and play..." attitude that is frustrating at the very least. Granted, we don't have the benefit of the true numbers for analysis. However, some of these opinions and suggestions come from someone with a very high level of education (granted, some don't).

    The point is, when I'm at work, people listen. My employees do what they're told. When I speak in a board meeting, everyone shuts up. When I call one of my vendors, they listen and work with me until I am satisfied with their service. My entire life as it is now is surrounded by the respect that comes with wearing a suit to work and having good work ethics.

    Then I come here. I see comments from people that I know for a fact are qualified to make these suggestions. I knew a guy that was an efficiency consultant. He didn't get out of bed for less than $250 per hour and has worked for some very recognizable names. When he spoke, people shut up and let him talk. His opinion was highly valued because his advice always brought better profits. He stopped trying to make suggestions here though because he was just ignored.

    So don't think for a second that we are all spoiled kids in here. Please remember that some people that are making these points are very well qualified. Of course, some are very much spoiled kids (or acting like one), but not all of us.

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    From what most people told me warrior medals were the best option, but I have over 3K worth. So I opted for what I needed, honor. 2K worth? That is really sad, especially when everyone had to wait this long. Now they need to do compensation for lame compensation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Velorra View Post
    This is a free to play game. Any expectation of downtime compensation (regardless of reason) from a free to play player is unjustified. At $14.99/mo for patron, that's 48 cents per day. If you are complaining or unhappy about this compensation, you have much bigger problems to worry about than this game. GLHF!
    Technically is it free to play but if you don't cough up the Patron, you really don't have much of the game you are able to play.

    It really comes down to this being a third-party payment, since someone is buying the APEX with real $$ > you are buying in-game >> in order to get patron.

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    why am i not happy with the compensation?
    1. it's a recycled system wich has been in the game before, some of my guildies had 10 coins left from the last time you "activated" this tab, wich is not a problem by itself but...
    krohlan told us on stream that they'd work on a compensation tab and that we'd need to be patient, what did we got?
    right the same thing from back when it was first intorduced, we waited 6 months for someone to reactivate something that has been in the game before? kek

    2. the amounts - this should speak for itself

    3. we're required to click 3 times to spend a single gift coin and another 3 times to receive whatever wonderful thing we spent our coin for, if you just reactivated the system from the past couldn't you atleast implemented a buy ratio like 3/5/10 (wich is your compensation plan)?

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