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Thread: Castle claim

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    Castle claim

    so listened to livestream and its about as clear as mud

    so all bases pushed to level 3 next sunday 8th October

    what about those of us that achieve level 3 today Saturday 30 September? will the bench be activateable (new word) sunday 1 Oct?

    if not why do we even bother building bases? just pick some random date and set to level 3 and save a pile of pointlessness.

    nations also have 63 days to fix their lack of castle - this is an arbitrary reduction of that available time (any normal server the full 63 days would be available - here we will have less based on either our work or some random date Trion chooses? why?)

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    Those of you that have a stage 3 base already, will be able to craft the purifying archeum and claim castles on sunday tomorrow.


    press O for folio

    search for "purify"

    Mouseover the Purifying archeum pack for the tooltip

    "Appear every sunday at 6pm in stage 3 ds bases"

    (note this 6pm has been based on UTC in the past, and the workbench is at the docks, in range of 3 autocannons that are hostile to playernations)

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    Many times saw that opposite faction used Bloomfang for cannons agro and easily deliver packs to trade outlet or wiped out poor carebears at DS port.

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