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Thread: Intel Request

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    Intel Request

    US based Cleric interested in moving to EU servers to escape the cancer that is DISASTER.

    Short Version: Came back into the game and joined a fun guild only to have it's politics and structure dictated by an outside force known as DISASTER. I'm looking for an EU server that does not contain this kind of element.

    I would appreciate any information about Prophecy concerning this topic. Are you a bastion of hope for people seeking to avoid this type of toxicity?

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    Hi, you will never be able to completely avoid toxic players /guilds, they are in every server also in Prophecy. Most of the time i find our server quite nice. Comparing to the Legacy server i played on, Propechy is heaven There will always be "the strongest guild" , but we dont have a one guild domination here. Everyone constest eachother in most of the events and if something is uncontested its just pure lazyness :P . If you didn't decide on a server yet, I wish you good luck finding one

    Best regards from Ravne

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