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Thread: Anyone with 230k gathering or farming?

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    Anyone with 230k gathering or farming?

    I want to test improved seed bundles.

    Is there anyone that can make me like 30 of each, if I send you all the mats.

    I can share results here.

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    Maybe Splodge mail him
    Kawaii Dance Party

    We're the guild nobody wants, but the one the server needs right now

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    Weird. I had posted a reply and now it isn't there. I wonder if I replied to the wrong thread lol. Anyway I don't have 230k prof. These improved bundles are nothing more than the old vocation bundles. I think I have a few if you need to test thing. Send Splodge a mail. Also, they cannot be crafted even with 230k prof unless a zone like Marianople is Rank 3. You need access to the highest level bench at certain community centers.

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    I'm trying to get Falcorth Plains to Rank 2 for the same bench. Perma Rank 2 will help out in many ways, like my toon Felynia can craft wrapped Farm Wagons.

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