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    UPDATE PLZ on this server as of 7/11/17

    I wanna come back to archeage but I'm done with the stupid fresh start servers that die within a month.. since trino will not just merge all servers, us loyal players have to continue that hunt for an active server.

    My current server is vengeance and I know I can not xfer to the older servers but id come back n grind gold until I could.

    Whats the honest truth about kryios is it where long term AA players go to play a couple more years?

    Is this server also dying? I don't care about the politics of the server. I just want people to play with as a MMO with out the MM just suck.

    Is there enuff players that all the CR/GRs are doable.. mistermerrow boss guy? (forget his name) pirating at sea?
    plz be honest. thank you.

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    Its a dead server because everyone ran away from disaster.
    East Haranya

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    ^ This.

    retired -2016

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    the rest of us just ignore disaster.

    Come to Kyrios, we got your potato's.

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    can't even feel Disaster's presence :v go to Kyrios :3

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