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    trino hold and delay patches forever people get bored and leave. Ru is faster with patches and updates they get nice stuff very frequently and trino takes 1 year to translate a joke patch like 3.7 and 4.0 that can be done in less than 2 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neoVictrix View Post
    Trion did a thing for returning players after x months, but that caused an uproar on the forums so I'm assuming they discontinued it.
    That's quite a different thing though, mail.ru gave away stuff that the majority of the playerbase already had (or had much better), basically they helped returning players to catch up, while Trion gave something that almost none of the veterans had at the time,,, the dolphins. That's why the veterans got mad and also you can't really compare a dolphin with gear...
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    ok... so first of all great news AA ru launched a new marathon event to prepare ppl for 4.0 it works the same way as the previous one you need to participate in game events for like 3 month and u can get enough tokens to buy urself 3-5 full DIVINE t5 sets of OBSIDIAN u can upgrade further to t6 t7 and so on, aswell as u get divine guards and belts u craft with serpentis sets etc.. u know the best in slot guards\belts cloth\leather\plate.. aswell as u can buy urself divine t5 obisidian weapons and instruments(like Anthem of Battlerage etc..) all those items are "binded on pickup". link

    now it keeps the playerbase able to compete with one eachother and the 3.7(4.0) changes will remove all the rng problems we have with socketing gear with best in slot gems(like % critical dmg etc..) and those changes are not only for ru its the changes coming form the developers XL because they UNDERSTAND AND AGREE WITH mail.ru that there is NO FUN in grind ppl need to stay competitive and this game was designed to have a huge playerbase only then its fun and you need new players to be able to compete! and ofc the patron cost must be lowered. all trion has to do is run a good advertisement company get that marathon event here and well get lots of new players just like it worked on the other side.

    and dont expect that new players are idiots and will fall for celestial soulforged garbage gear etc.. any new players opens item encyclopedia and quickly understands there is no other competitive gear besides obsidian for like 95% classes in this game.

    for all those that crying how hard they worked for that poor 20-40k gold to get a full divine t6 set we can create a legacy village server so they can play with themselves.

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    ^Britxr i'm agree ! i dont understand why we cant get this kind of marathon if it was sucessfull for RU server..

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    I will add some trend statistic cause the #1 argue is RU players love more grinding/p2w game than EU/US :

    Google Trend Archeage vs Black Desert on US :

    Google trend Archeage vs Black Desert on RU (i know google is not the #1 search engine)

    Correct me if i'm wrong about google trend.

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    I played on Russian servers 1 year , this is a complete garbage dump ,you can buy caskets for 100euros and you will not get a grand prize ,which makes this game very expensive unlike european servers , in Russia the minimum salary per month is 130 euros and this game is popular for making money in Russia

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