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Thread: WTS Legendary T7 Shortspear

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    WTS Legendary T7 Shortspear

    As the title says. Still working on materials, but if you provide them I'll sell at a very large discount. I have gear to cover your material investment. I'm talking only 80k + materials. Saves you a buttload. Mail here or @ Urthstripe on Kyrios.

    Thank you!

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    Materials still flowing in... still for sale!

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    Still selling! Come get this cheap!

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    Still selling! Following the market price and will always be the cheapest sale. PST

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    Still selling

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    Still selling and will sell very cheap. Also willing to trade for Leg Oby Shield

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    xd u want to trade for katana instead

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    Unfortunately no :*( Unless you'd want to pay to T7 my spear and then trade then ok lol

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    Still working on materials! Still guaranteed to be the cheapest seller of T7 SS. Just need help gathering the materials and I'll sell the T7 cheap!

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    Stilllll selling!@!@!@

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