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Thread: Best server for returning player

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    Best server for returning player

    Hi all.
    I've end the game still when there was an update 2.9. Now i want to сontinue playing and create a dwarf. What server is the best for this?
    P.S. Now a have a character on Anthalon.

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    As you are from Anthalon:
    Is there anything that bothers you so you dont want to stay?
    Because Anthalon is kind of an average populated server. Not as dead as others but not as heavyly populated as shatigon. You will be able to find some spots for a house if you want.

    If you want to start over why not taking profit from your old char? Send the useful tradeable stuff via mail to the new char. In the end you will want to gear up. On Anthalon Nuian Side and Playernation are the big sides. Harani and Pirates are just a few right now. So as Dwarf(nuia) you are able to find groups for dungeons. For getting an weapon that is ok you can run Greater Dungeons and regrade the weapons to divine. If any weapon reaches divine make an arias autograph and choose the weapon you want.

    If you got any questions you can feel free to send me an letter.
    Tigerus (Anthalon, Pirate, Firran).

    See you ingame
    A wild Tigerus appeared in the high grass. Defend yourself!

    Homeserver: Retribution(EU)
    Class: Stonearrow (Archery/Shadowplay/Defense)
    Nation: Pirates(PN)
    Guild: DamNation
    Race: Firran

    Still helping out on Haranya side with alts if needed :P

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    Best server is station since its more populated that means you wouldn't be alone at lower levels and if you're looking for guild <---Titans pve/PvP but mostly PvP guild so if you com sharigon and want to join us look for our leaders Klis/Vitas/Hellking ^^

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