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Thread: Does leveling through crafting work?

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    Does leveling through crafting work?

    If yes, what is good to craft to achieve it ?

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    All proficiencies give you the same amount of exp.
    The amount of exp depends on your level and the level of your proficiency.

    I often hear players say "Go mining. You get a lot of exp from it." Actually that's not entirely true. Like I said you don't get any more exp from this than from other profs. BUT it is something that does not require any investment and burns through a lot of lp easily.

    To put it simple: Chose 1 proficiency and stick to it.

    PS: There are some buffs that increase the exp you gain (in general or only for proficiencies) but some are quiet expensive and only worth it when you have saved up lots of lp pots and want to burn through ten-thousands of lp.
    (The easiest buff +20% exp from profs would be to be in a family)
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    Yes it does.
    As per the poster above, the exp you get is based on your skill with the profession and the amount of labour you sink into it. For example if you start producing "bound tax certificates" using construction vocation. They use 300 labour each and only cost you 1 copper to craft, you'll get a large amount of experience. You can further supplement the experience gain by using Vocation Tonic for 100% exp bonus (AH or cash shop) or Professional Potions for 200% bonus(AH or cash shop bundle), I would only use these if you've stacked up 5k labour and your about to logout (so you can keep bonus for next time you login).

    If your levelling up in Archeage for the first time, I would ignore all the advice about and just level up naturally looting, mining and cutting down everything you see. The above methods should only be used when you reach level 50 and you can't be bothered to grind to 55.
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    Some types of craft can really give you major experience, especially husbandry. My 55 plants animal pens on her property and my low levels process them to level. They can get 1-2 levels per round of harvesting. It goes slower as you get higher in level, but at low levels, it's incredibly fast experience unbuffed.

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    Animal pens are nice sources of xp, but also if you have the labor and mats/gold to spend, I recommend acorn bee hives. Takes 200 labor at stage 1 without queen bee and gives around 200 do (without high prof). Or if you catch and put in a queen bee it can go up to 600 lp/xp.

    From level 42-52 it took my alt around 1 week and I processed: log-> lumber, raw stone -> stone brick, pelt ->leather as well as harvesting multiple mining drills (700 base labor), 20 animal pens, 100s of seed bundles, harvesting and cutting trees. But all of that is on my land. Crafting to level up is worthwhile if you have the mats and labor. Patron helps. Also I didn't use any pots except for the occasional labor, just patron

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    There is no difference, exp is labor based in all crafting activities, just that some (such as cow pens) take 200 LP per hit so you have a feeling of lot in one go, or crafting certs as player above mentioned. Pick prof you'd like as money maker later and level it using labour burn and at the same time level your char. As @Sakura said, pretty much to a dot.

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    Honestly I got all my levels by making tax certificates. It got me to 230k proficiency too so I can make unbound ones and now I sell those for money.

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