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Thread: Do we have enough advertising for ArcheAge? + Suggestion.

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    Glyph is a bit of a problem
    Take a look at Black Desert, a few months ago it was considered "Another dying import MMORPG". It then went to valves Steam service, was sold at a discounted rate with some very nice starter bonus's. Since then its remained in steams top 10 for the last 3 weeks at least.
    Sure, I bet Steam is taking a hefty cut of the profits, but the activity generated made them commission another 6 servers (with another 6 during popular weekends).

    I would love to see more people play Archeage...
    Sakuracalli (West)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yed View Post
    Advertising ArcheAge is like advertising Anthrax. By now, most know it's a bad substance that will kill you and no matter how much advertising you do people are not gonna buy into it. ArcheAge is the same, has a bad reputation stemming from behaviour that has never changed in years. I stopped recommending my friends this game about two years ago. Blogs have written ♥♥♥♥ty things about AA, websites like mmorpg.com and massivelyop have bashed AA again and again, people with an interest read those things, ask/look around and only hear bad things. The only advertising going around is bad and rightly so too because nobody can honestly say that in 3 years of AA, things got better.

    As a beta player who still plays, I would never ever drag someone else in the hellhole that is the management of this game, both dev and publisher side.

    Unless big changes happen to management, this game will always hold its reputation true and nobody is interested in that. And it's not gonna get any better with XL shifting useless dev time on their new AA Mobile game.
    Things have gotten better. They are punishing cheaters where before they didn't. At least on vengeance I have not seen any bots where before botting was so very rampant. The gold sellers are pretty much gone. There is no more cart blocking, they had some nice events and a couple of costume give-a-ways on mmorpg.com. Btw the rum runner event is coming soon. There was that chest they gave us not to long ago that had all kinds of nice items in it including a costume and mount. There is plenty of land available. And I heard they are also supposed to give better armor in the greater dungeons soon ( I could be wrong about) and the Trion team is communicating with us more. For some, this is all too little, too late.

    On the other hand it would be nice if more materials would drop for making gems. I don't know why they made that so difficult to get. The same is true with starlight essences. It would also be nice to see some world content for smaller guilds could participate in and the rng is still rng (not a fan of it). Classes could be better balanced. Wagons, freighters and carts still get stuck on the smallest things. I wish they would make those a little more flexible as far as being able to back out of certain areas or go over them. As it is now, once you are stuck you stay stuck unless you use the riders escape.

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