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Thread: [Reckoning] Server-Wide ArcheAge PvP (1v1) Tournament Sign-Up [$400 Cash Prize]

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    Post [Reckoning] Server-Wide ArcheAge PvP (1v1) Tournament Sign-Up [$400 Cash Prize]

    This will be one of the first ArcheAge 1v1 NA Server Tournaments.

    The best PvPers will be competing for a nice cash prize (all my own money).

    To be real, ArcheAge is on a decline. We need to bring people together and bring the fun back into the game that has been lost.

    But that's why I'm here...


    [Reckoning] Server-Wide Tournament will begin on On August 21st 2017 at 8:00 PM EST
    Broadcasted at [twitch.tv/yubur]
    $400 Cash Prize (Must have PayPal)
    Single Elimination
    No Timed Item Buffs or Potions allowed. (come with nothing but your armor and weapon)
    Minimum Level 55 required to enter
    No gearscore requirement.
    Must stay in line of sight of the broadcaster.
    Matches will be best of 3.
    The finals match will be best of 5.

    (20 sign-up participants minimum required to start tournament)

    Signup here: https://goo.gl/forms/b8KHzEBPBTw1wuZX2

    Prizes: $400 Cash Prize to the 1st Place Winner.
    2nd place winner Prize TBD

    Where and how will this work:

    - All participants will be given a discord link for the organization of the tournament upon sign-up; it is required that you join.
    - The tournament will be held at a random location (TBD) and broadcasted at: https://twitch.tv/yubur
    - There will be 1 referee so please listen to his directions.


    - Bring potions (for after battle healing)
    - Don't be trash. Be on your A game.
    - NO items allowed during battle.

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    - There will be 1 referee so please listen to his directions.
    May I be the one to suggest (2) judges on equal distance (like line judges in almost all sports)? To make sure that when and if the judge is on the side of the 2, the other can keep up at an angle?

    Like a pursuit tackle.

    edit: I can see someone running and then doing something (right-clicking off their buff after "item") kind of thing. It's not like we can limit a fight to 100m space. I can shoot almost 90m...

    edit 2: I'm just trying to help, not destroy. 1 judge per player is better imo. I don't care who wins. If you need help, I will help. Random players, up to you. I'm the same person in game too.

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