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Thread: Merge Shatigon and Eanna

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    Merge Shatigon and Eanna

    Our community managers told us that active forum discussions can make things happen.

    So here is a suggestion, merge EU into 3 servers total, merge last 2 remaining servers into 1 aswell.

    Pros? Actually contesting the raid bosses, right now each of the servers is being farmed by a blob.

    Cons? Being happy, but having too many people to share your smile with each player individually!

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    what? why you want to merge a very healthy server with very balanced nation/faction/pirate to a server that mostly has no pvp like eanna? if you killed your server is your business but please don't mess with shatigon we don't want any merge, we are very healthy with a strong haranya faction, a strong nuia faction and a strong pirate faction with very strong guild on each faction and a strong pirate guild so no if you don't want the actual status of eanna just transfer to shatigon, but asking for a merge with the more balanced and healthy server in eu is insane. And no shatigon never has being free farmed because most geared nuia stay with nuia faction, the same for haranya we didn't joined the nation because we know the consequences of doing so, we love the actual stat of our server we have kept the balance here so no , sorry for you.

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    As a pirate here on Shatigon, I would love to see Shatigon also being included in the merge. Bosses don't get contested often and you won't see much PvP outside of Mistmerrow/Halcy, especially if there is a serious pirate raid present. While Nuia can pull a good amount of well geared people together, Haranya can often not and is lacking severe motivation and numbers. Both of these factions also lack leadership and organization and could really do well with some help and motivation. The player nation is dead and has zero activity.

    I hope people will transfer to Shatigon by their own will with the mergers and 1 credit transfer incoming but I hope more for Trion to reconsider and just bite the bullet and put Eanna and Shatigon up for Evo, either with eachother or being put with the other Evos. Both servers are in desperate need of new life to sustain.

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    This would be really nice, but we all know they've already made their minds up and nothing will change.

    I would get behind this if a mod said they're actually listening to us

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    The high gear scores generally gangs low gear players but it is hard to see fair pvp between high gear score vs high gear score and yes the bosses are not contested most of times ( the dominant guild get most of things as usual. Without 7k gear score, there is no way to survive ( even 6k is not enough at this server, and if you are cloth user then you are ripped so hard at this server more^^ ). Server merge should be good for shagiton too. For EU, 3 main servers and 1 fresh server are enough for EU really; otherwise, every other servers are dead servers. I hope rangora, eanna merge into shagiton to rip their player nations that they siphon these servers for years to make free insane amount of gold... Shagiton is key to make this game for EU, great again like the old times^^.
    Once upon a time, a warborn was born in Prophecy and the warborn decided to play in Sirothe to gear up by farming gold in a safe,peaceful with lot's of sea salt environment

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