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Thread: Art commissions! <3 (Summer edition - OPEN)

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    Art commissions! <3 (Summer edition - OPEN)

    Hey guys! I saw that art commissions seem to be allowed here, and I figured since I am new, I would see about using it to help me get situated.

    I am currently on Tahyang server, and will only accept ONE art at a time.

    Sample of style/quality of lines:

    Flat color example

    Details about what you'd be commissioning from me:

    Payment info:

    How to order:

    Please fill out this form to request a commission:


    1.) Open

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    Updated the second spoiler. Figured since sometimes colors can make the character more unique, I'd at least offer to do flat colors with simple gradient for those who do have more unique color pallets lol. You'll find a sample with simple flats also in the samples spoiler.
    I am a freelance artist. Come check out the links below to view my art and maybe get a commission for your gorgeous characters!

    Support me on Kofi!
    My art shop!

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