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Thread: Hi! Questions about chatting?

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    Hi! Questions about chatting?

    I have only been playing for a day now, and am quite enjoying the game so far. I love the graphics and the people seem pretty nice!

    I was wondering if there is a way to automatically whisper the last person you whispered, like in WoW? (WoW used the 'r' key to auto fill in the whisper stuff for the last person you whispered) Or like in tera, where you can use the tab key to scroll through the last people you spoke to before hitting enter to whisper them etc? I haven't found a way yet so thought I'd ask if anyone knows about it lol. Would make going from chatting in /f to /w a lot easier. As I've been doing it, I have to scroll up until I find the person I was chatting to and then right click to whisper them, which can get tedious if the chat is super talkative and i'm engaging in it too loll

    Thanks in advance for any answers or comments!
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    u can do /reply instead of right clicking on their name/typing it out but thats all i know of
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    ya there is, iirc it's CTRL + SHIFT + R or ALT + SHIFT + R

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