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Thread: Halcy necklace perma "salvation" but no buff

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    Halcy necklace perma "salvation" but no buff

    I have a rank 10 halcy necklace. I have it on my hotbar for easy put on and pop buff.
    However I have never been able to pop the buff. It constantly says I'm in salvationbut there is no salvation buff on my status bar.
    I tried in a raid, in a party, in pvp zone, in a dungeon, and solo. I've tried reequipping it, moving it in my inventory, removing it, moving it on hotbar, and still no go.

    It lets me put it on if I click it, but when I try to activate it, no go.
    This has been over two months of this.

    Please fix.

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    The healer one only works on other people in your party. Target someone else and then use it and they'll get the buff.

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    You cant use the buff for yourself, if this is what you try to do. Its only for allys.

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