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Thread: Best PVE Single target and Overall Class builds (Read before commenting)

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    Best PVE Single target and Overall Class builds (Read before commenting)

    I tried finding a current meta because I know this question is asked all the time and the latest I found was 3.0

    I have not played an MMORPG in years but I use to be semi-pro so am not worried about picking up on classes even if they are hard to master.

    My sister is visiting and wants me to play with her so I want although I've always done PVP, but this is for my little sister so I am going PVE all the way.

    Any and all information is very appreciated, I am looking stuff up as I type this as well but there are so many combinations.

    Thank you for your time.

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    There were no real changes to the meta in 3.5, so 3.0 stuff is still applicable. The additions they made were for endgame skills, but they're technically optional.

    In general, for lower-level PvE it's just about doing as much damage as possible and using consumables to keep your mana/health up in-between. You don't have access to a lot of AOE skills or AOE CC in ArcheAge and the mobs hit pretty hard, so trying to take on a bunch of mobs at once is usually suicide (unless you're overleveled or overgeared). Heals are also not very strong early on, so you're better off just helping your sister kill mobs faster.

    The game will suggest skillsets that are good to start leveling with. The 3 main DPS trees (Battlerage, Archery, and Sorcery) along with Vitalism if someone wants to take the healer route early on. Shadowplay is generally a good second set (because it has combos for all three main DPS), third set can really be whatever your preference is. You can change sets anytime, so it's not a big issue and the endgame skills you'd need for PvP are generally different from PvE.

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    I've never touched on the PVP part of AA, and have always loved the dungeon runs and WB aspect of it so I went full Dervish.

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