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Thread: Library drop rate

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    What were we talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucifers Hammer View Post
    What were we talking about?
    Farming cloaks
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    Ah.. painful on a good day... infuriating on the bad.
    Verdict - bites the wax tadpole.

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    The problem wasn't the drop rate the the fact that you normally have to solo it , i rather join my friend to run packs for gold instead of bury my face in the library ... alone .
    Last time i spend 4 whole day 2h each on library floor 3 just for 3 stone while get 7 skulls and 10 other items haahaha

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    Let's just say that I make a tidy profit in selling Obsidian Tiering services... 42k gold in a month and counting...

    Although I can't help on untradeable Cloaks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by allysia View Post
    I know what you mean... and it's JUST for the cloak. It's ridiculous! Gear, whatever. It doesn't help. The drops SUCK so stop acting like people are just complaining when they make these threads. Go spend a few hours in there yourself and you'd be upset too!
    I've been in lib so long that I got the debuff from popping too many indexes, you're over reacting. The drop rate on the 3rd floor is lower than the rest but it's nothing super crazy. I was in there 2-3 days lazily to get the stuff from my cloak. Stop being captain solo and get some friends to grind with if it's that bad.

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    Just glad i saved up all my lib drops from the time back on ezi...
    Only running low (59 left) on Philosopher's Stone Fragments now, 'cause they're used in ... well... probably everything including granny's 3rds and grandpa's new hip. :\

    Floor one mats are still easy to get, but F3 is a BLEEEPtch.
    Even as a 230k larceny pursefarmer with epic buff and unique erenor staff it's quite time-intensive to get a decent number of drops.

    Corner Reading Room loot chests (at least the last wave one, not too sure about waves 3 & 4, but not waves 1 & 2) contain some F3 mats each time. It's a guaranteed drop of 1-... idk, 4? 5? 6? F3 mats of one kind. you might have bad luck and get 1 pygmy skull, or get lucky and score 4 philosopher's stone fragments.
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    Thank you, everyone. Sorry you're going through the same horror. My DPS is fine; leggy ayanad staff takes care of that. It's just a difficult pill to swallow dedicating that much time to something that makes me want to fall asleep after five minutes.

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    Servidor Reckoning - Drop item - Pygmy Skull
    I'm really tired of playing Archeage. I stayed 30 days inside the Library. from 3 to 8 hours per day and the item does not drop. I sent a lot of messages on the support and I always get a message saying that they can not do anything. What is the support for ????????????? I've been in all the sites to look for information of the location from where it drops the item. None of the locations reported by the sites the item dropped. This is unfortunate. Players are giving up on the game because of over-difficulty. Excessive difficulty, slavery. 30 days without dropping any items. Why stop the game like that? This is not how you guys will keep active players. If anyone knows how this item drops, please let me know but I'm sure it will not drop in the library because it's locked by staff. Sorry for the sincerity but this is ridiculous. I've already started to play another online game, EVE ONLINE, and probably my friends and I are going to ditch the Archeage. For so much trouble in a single craft item.

    Another thing I won a Debuff of 1 hour without being able to use Tyrenos's Index. Why did I get this debuff ??????
    Detail in those 30 days, I also played with friends killing all kinds of mobs that was informed on the site that drops the item and did not drop.
    I do not know what to do anymore and I'm giving up. Sometimes I think the GM's wanting to end the game.

    in those 30 days I drove: 1 Philosopher's Stone Fragment, 2 Weathered Beryl, 9 Inako's Grimoire, 7 Renaia's Research Journal, 8 Ruthart's Doodles, and no Pygmy Skull. It is extremely absurd to have difficulty to drop into the library for 30 days.If TRIOM thinks about customer satisfaction. So I say I'm not satisfied, not at a.

    Detail, the server is experiencing increased drope event. The company is being so bad to us that if you stay a long time inside the library you get debuffs to not use Tyrenos Index

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheraeth View Post
    I will warn you now; I am pissed. The loot drop rate for materials is beyond ridiculous and needs to be fixed ASAP. I have spent HOURS with all five loot pots, Levi buff AND the freaking bear and I go an ENTIRE HOUR without one single drop I need to make my cloak. I'm not trying to cheat the system or over-farm the coinpurses or make money. I just want a damn cloak!

    I want to see the devs go to the third floor, put on average to decent gear and farm for hours on end and SEE HOW MUCH FUN IT IS! Are you seriously TRYING to make people quit?! I get that this is a grindy kind of game but this is WAY beyond a normal or acceptable grind. GRRR!

    I also said to devs. come with me and farm for a few hours on 3rd floor.. even with the last 3x drop it is beyond anything i have ever seen in any game with grinding involved. I have spent more then 3 weeks.. (in hours) on the 3rd floor now and not even getting close to cloak.

    I agree with you more then a 100%.. people will just walk away from the game.. and if this is not fixed.. i will be soon as well.. i dont mind putting in time.. i dont mind to grind for hours as well.. i do mind all this without enough rewards... in other words.. it is soooooooo annoying.. that it can actually make you angry at it..

    Its unhealthy Trion.. talk with XLgames.. this is a HUGE gamebreaker.. as i and many people said before..

    I am actually amazed that nothing was improved already on this matter, its like you find this a normal way of people grinding in a very boring environment.. and expect us to go up there for weeks.. it is WAY beyond a normal or acceptable grind.

    I am also at a point that i just demand 22 Philospher Stone Fragments.. i got 14 now over more then 3 weeks.. means i still have to do at least more then 3 weeks.. in hours..

    3 weeks = 504 hours
    Lets say i play 4 hours a day.. = 126 days..
    I need to grind up there 4 hours long for 126 days.. that is my result so far.
    and then i got only another 14.. still need 8 after that.

    fix it asap.

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