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Thread: Tempest Nuian guild looking to bolster their ranks!

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    Tempest Nuian guild looking to bolster their ranks!

    The Guardians are a newly formed guild, based on friendship, cooperation and freedom with responsibilities.
    We are currently based on Dahuta, and will evolve into Tempest.

    Our time zones are primarily EU (GMT/UTC and CET) However we have NA members, so there are also people covering that time zone.
    Our weekday schedule is based on UTC, however we have events in the weekend for all time zones.

    Our interests are described as Adventure and Crafting.
    By this we mean creating our own adventures, that being PVP, PVE, exploring, trade-running etc. We also like to craft, and enjoy the whole aspect of farming, gathering and husbandry.

    We prefer Nuian players obviously since we are not a player nation, and does not have this as a goal on our short to mid term range.

    Overall we are a casual guild, with some active semi-hardcore players.

    We are currently doing greater dungeons, and practising in Mistsong. If possible we participate in faction warfare and raid events.
    New players are welcome, however we expect everyone to make ends meet.
    This is not a babysitting guild, but we do help when we have the time.
    Our focus right now is leveling the guild, as well as getting people a decent gearscore, while training them to be useful in PVP encounters.

    Contact any of our officers in game on Dahuta:
    Sapphirite is our Master
    Mithril is our Administrator
    Fifi is our General
    Demirguc is our Treasurer

    Having and using Discord is mandatory, we do not expect you to have a microphone, but during larger raids, you should be able to listen to directions etc.
    Important information is also shared in this channel.

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