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    Best locations for braziers/Archeum trees?

    Since merger coming soon i get a chance to change the location of some of my land and i'm wondering what would be the best spots for brazier or Archeum trees. I will use lordcoins also but if i can get near water or logs it would save me a few lordcoins per week.

    My idea was Calmlands or Heedmar but i honestly have no clue since i'm currently in diamond shore using lordcoin for water/trees.

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    I have land on Heedmar that allows me easy access to both water an burning logs. I think most people that use these two as their farming resources are in that area.

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    I recommend spreading your land out. Put it close to various water/log nodes. All in one spots means a lot of hauling, risk your nearby nodes will be down, bad neighbours, etc.

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