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Thread: Returning player, needs to choose a server

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    Returning player, needs to choose a server

    I have decided to return and play from scratch as I shifted zones(I used to play EU but shifted to the states).
    Now, I need to decide which server to play in, and since I have an old account with ~8000 credits, I cant make a new account and join the fresh servers.
    Also, I can't make a new character in the evolution servers.
    So, out of the remaining servers in the US(Kyrios, arangzeb and kraken), which is best to play in with the maximum population? I plan to play a firran if that matters

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    I'm also a returning NA player, but I chose to start anew, leaving my old character in Kyrios. The switch was hard at first since all the equips and credits are all there but
    I'm now actively playing in Vengeance since about a month ago and now about to hit 1Abysmal very soon. I'm playing with our 5 friends who are also returning players and 2 other friends who are new to AA.

    If you do reconsider and start afresh, feel free to find us in our little home in Villanele!

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    I recently transferred from Evolution to Kraken East. They have a great community, well-attended daily events and raids, and an active, mostly-safe trading community. There is just enough PVP to keep a carebear like me on her toes.

    I highly recommend Kraken for your Firran.

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