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Thread: #SeptemberOfGiveaways Win loot for ALL Trion games!

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    #SeptemberOfGiveaways Win loot for ALL Trion games!


    We just arrived back home from gamescom2017 and have A SH*T TON of loot to share with you! Therefore, we have FOUR giveaways on our website this month:

    1) Trion Worlds gamescom2017 Giveaway
    These codes were handed out during the Trion Worlds party at gamescom2017. They will give you one item for EVERY Trion Worlds game:
    • ArcheAge: Candy-fueled Fastropod Snail Mount
    • Atlas Reactor: Rask's Citadel Purple Skin
    • Defiance: Dodge Challenger Vehicle: Furious Fuchsia
    • Devilian: Misteye Siamese Cat Pet
    • RIFT: 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar Elephant Mount
    • Trove: Flying Carpet Mount

    2) RIFT 5th Anniversary Snail Mount Giveaway
    The snails from last year are back for a brief time! Enter to get one of them for your collection!

    3) TROVE Eclipse Update Celebration Giveaway
    To celebrate the new TROVE update, we’re giving away 5 Streamer Dream Boxes!

    4) Twitch Subscriber Giveaway
    This month you can be the FIRST to receive a custom designed IRL item with my signature on it! International shipping included!

    In addition, I’ll give away more of the Trion code cards from gamescom2017 and snail mounts on my twitch channel over the whole month, so make sure to not miss any streams if you want one!

    Good Luck everyone!

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    WOW - within a few days we have over 1,000 entries in most of the giveaways already! Still 4 weeks to go, don't forget to claim your daily tickets and tell your friends & guildies!

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    Very nice website! Good luck to everyone entered

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