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Thread: <Pain Train> Conviction (West)

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    Sep 2017
    In search of more players to farm prestige with! Join our fun and friendly guild and help us grow!

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    Guild is now level 6!!! Come and join in on all of the fun!!!

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    Hi, I'm Naughtengale. Id like to join your guild if I could. I'm not all that much of a veteran in this game, but i'd certainly like to play with a guild to keep the game fun.

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    Looking at coming to this server after transfers are up. How is the pvp?

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    PvP is good. Pretty active server so PvP happens quite often.
    Looking for more active gamers to add to our ranks! Up to about 60 players now! We farm, fish, do trade runs, PvP and do dungeons!

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    Hmmm maybe I shall rejoin paintrain.. aslong as that cookie newb is gone.
    Merge all Servers to one Populated server with us loyal Archeagers and start a fresh start server every year to feed that server!!! come on lets do it like alpha

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    He is gone.

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