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Thread: Packing for the merge: What to take, what to leave?

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    Packing for the merge: What to take, what to leave?

    Are there any thumb rules which kind of interior should be safely returned after a deconstruction, and what would be destroyed and must be removed first if I want to keep it?

    I know I could remove each item and read the tooltip of its icon, once it is in my inventory ... but placing all the furniture took some efforts, so I would like to avoid removing what might be safe to stay.

    I guess some cheap furniture is simply best bought again from Mirage or AH after rebuilding.
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    My suggestion is pack up anything your not wanting to lose. Things that are expensive or hard to replace.

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    What I did when I was transferring servers (I've done it about 4 times now), I sold any non-essentials that were either purchasable easily again (things like mats), or I hadn't actually taken out of my inventory/warehouse in over 2 weeks. Then, in terms of decorations, I put all of my tradeable decor on alts/their warehouses, and all non-tradeable things were kept on my main. If you have alts on the same account or even other accounts, don't be afraid to store things on them as well, I saved a LOT of space doing that (even with a maxed inventory/warehouse on my main, I had about 4 alts holding some stuff for myself, and some stuff for my friend since she didn't have as many alts as I did). If you don't have alts ready to go, see if any family members/guild members that you trust can hold some of the less valuable tradeable things for you.

    Things I kept on myself:

    - Red Dragon statue (and any similar statues that are not easily obtainable or from a past event)
    - Any quest items that count as decor
    - Costumes
    - My fully made potions (any mats/lower tiered potions that I didn't finish making, I either finished making or transferred/sold mats to make space)
    - Rare/Epic library/golden ruin mats (the greens are relatively easy to acquire again, but the blues and purples took some time, and I'd be too lazy to farm again)

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    I thought in this evolution nothing gets lost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peshagypsy View Post
    I thought in this evolution nothing gets lost?
    That is what they said, but anything can happen :/
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    I suggest to take screenshots of your belongings instead of packing up. Everything should be returned to you safely but you can double check after with your screenshots and send in a ticket if anything is missing.

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    Just for sure I put all items which might be "destroyed upon demolition" into my inventory and warehouse. And made screenshot.

    Same for quest, event and archievement rewards which are furniture.
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    Quick question where do I find information about this server merge process and when it is expected to take place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whaft View Post
    Quick question where do I find information about this server merge process and when it is expected to take place?
    It passed several weeks ago. If you still want to read about it, you can find the staff-related posts in Announcements.

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    Haha thanks Toy! A little behind the times, I've just signed in after not playing for 2 years. A little catching up to do.

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