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Thread: Cloth Casting Delay and the Change of Interruption -%50 passive + Increases resistance to casting interruption +%92 really working for mage?

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    Cloth Casting Delay and the Change of Interruption -%50 passive + Increases resistance to casting interruption +%92 really working for mage?

    There are some passives that supposed to help us in combat; but most of times, I really don't feel in pvp or pve these passives on cloth passive, songcraft passive, life earrings' equip effects are not working at all; because thy were getting interrupted all the time when we use skills...

    ***When you wear cloth armor you get a "Casting Delay -%50" passive,
    ***When you give point to songcraft's first passive skill "Syncopation" that gives you a "Casting Delay and the Change of Interruption -%50" passive,
    ***When you equip x2 ayanad life earrings ( divine regrade ), you get x2 "Increases resistance to casting interruption %92" equip effects that suppose to increase your casting interruption resistance in total of %184.

    According to these information above in the game, we should have high resistance against the interruption skills; but all the time we are getting interrupted... How can it be possible ?

    This issue is same for other active or passive skills of occutism and witchcraft too that suppose to reflect incoming damage or reduce the incoming damage. I didn't try this ancestral auromancy skill effect of "Spell Shield" skill that reflects magical attacks to give damage on the mage user itself.

    While every kind of DR or DR like classes or range classes' skills are working as intented, why our mage classes' active and passive skills are not working as intented for years already ?

    I really want to hear your opinion and knowledge about this issues really, thank you very much.
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    normal attacks like triple slash or fireballs have a % to interrupt spell casting
    for example you are a healer and 3 people are hitting on you , in 90% of times you will not finish your antithesys casting because you will get interrupted

    trips,fear,buble,silence are counted towards interrupts.

    most of the classes you have given example have no cast time on skills so they usually not getting interrupted even if being under fire of 3+ people.

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    When you are casting and someone attacks you, each attack resets your current cast by a few split seconds and each attack has the chance to interrupt your current cast (I usually see it during crits).
    I always thought the buffs you mentioned were about what I describe and not about immunity to stuns/silence/etc skills.

    About the ancestral spell shield. I tried to use it for some time however the reflection seems to be next to useless, because the reflected damage is again going through the process of calculating dmg based on the target's mag def, resilience, toughness, etc.
    Or maybe I simply used it wrong somehow.
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