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Thread: For Shatigon, Eanna, Aranzeb, Kyrios and Kraken players

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    For Shatigon, Eanna, Aranzeb, Kyrios and Kraken players

    In two days we begin the evolution of the servers but after several queries, we feel that the servers that are not impacted (Shatigon, Eanna, Aranzeb, Kyrios and Kraken) are not sufficiently unmitigated by this migration.
    Indeed, Trion offers us 7 additional days of subscription and we thank them by advances. But this is not enough.
    What have they planned for the lost gold in commission to the hotel of the sales, for the balances of point of craft and daily activity activated, For the farms and plots of the people who could not connect to pay the tax, for the items of limited duration in the inventory (mount, underwear synthesis and skin, ....), of fidelity wages, and the list lengthens.
    If simple calculations are made on these two days, it is easy to see that an account will lose an average of 500 "(this is still an average). so 7 days of subscription this is good but not enough when we see that the accounts of the merged servers recover much more than us.
    So if you do not agree with the compensation given by Trion for the remaining servers do not hesitate de comment "i agree" to this post

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    Honestly the login pots are all I care about. 2 days of labor pots that are purchased should not be excluded due to this. I'm just getting back into the game so don't know if they changed it since but in the past if you did not login you didn't get the pots. That's all I ask for since I paid for goods and a company must provide them. 7 days patron doesn't give me what I paid for.

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    Same goes for loyality token, prestige, daylie honor etc... non evolution servers are effected by this aswell. So i dont unterstand this kind of compensation >.>

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