I run my own guild called "Pigasos" lvl3, a casual guild in Dahuta but with the evolution process I am evolving the guild into a more hard core gaming style. (underwater treasures and scavenging/crafting/trading/merchant ships)

If you are a nuian which loves to claim the seas (underwater treasures, submarine raids, sunken ships, naval) this is the playstyle of my guild. I do make some pack runs as well if needed but I am not much into it with the new mechanics. I am not heavy pvp player, I love to rogue mostly. I do provide a guild house with crafting stations and I also own 2 haulers if we do pack runs.

Tempest will accommodate 4-6 nations day 1 excluding Nuians and Haranians. That translates into a more pvp era for us (or for them) as I love to rogue and claim what they lose in the seas...! We will act under their bloody feet

Submarines and underwater equipment are a mandatory feature for every member, a warship is a plus, if you dont have one and willing to get one I can help with that. Members must be active, love the sea under stress environment and any inactivity for more than a month without notice may lead into a kick.

You dont have to apply here to join my guild, I will activate the ingame application tab for joining my guild. This is just an introduction.

ps: healers are a plus as well, because underwater raid during sea events may cause periodic damage. Its a different playstyle I love to do and willing to invite people who are up for it. GS score is good but not mandatory, we will mostly act passively in pvp stressful environment, but willing to progress though, not to be static. (with the new crafting system it is easy to get ayanad gear). I may also contribute my guild with a couple of platinum subs as a giveaway after with settle down in Tempest.