Hello Fellow Carebear enthusiasts! Tabby here. We have grown tired of endless guilds built around nothing but greed or to be a chat server. TER is actively implementing a structured system with ranking and a point system, based on your good deeds and merit with your peers! We will also be hosting events, or based on your own status, you can host your own and have it supported!

Come visit us on Discord or message me at TabbyHubby#6881 and see our current progress.
Or on my Archage profile at:

Our core balance will be to act as a family unit so that everyone may benefit from each other. To maintain this, Members will be encouraged with tasks that work on rank and overall guild goals. We are Haranyan based guild. ~East~ On the Newly merged server Thunderwing.

Some key points will be as follows, but not limited to:
  • Guild rank systems (modified by vote)
  • Voting systems
  • Guild chest systems
  • Contribution contests
  • Active raiding/dungeons
  • Fair for all and guidelines guild-book (Can be modified by your Vote)
  • Daily and weekly events (some with prizes!)
  • Guild meetings for collaboration
  • and more!!!

TER is a peaceful guild though this does not mean we do not defend ourselves or that we do not PVP. It is First and foremost a safe haven and community that wishes for more out of their guild experience.

PVP is much a real part of this game as any one mechanic, and will be implemented appropriately into existing systems and rules. (Basically we don't just purple up just to purple up, and we don't kill our own faction without reason) Shady or those that get pleasure from giving shade to others, please click elsewhere.

In short, if your looking for a friendly family atmosphere with likewise players The Eternal Reborn may be for you. It will be given content to make it interesting, and moderated by its peers.