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Thread: My naem Ids Barney

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    My naem Ids Barney


    I type bad, sorreh. I had a hit in head when small an i cant see the keybrad like nromal people. I try best to type but it take a while an in teh gaem i do it bad so...

    Anyway...I am a player fwom Nuia Dahuta. Lot people knows barney. Lot servors. I am going t omaked a new guild at level 7. We got Disco comms and some old TS. We got a few old p2w here and some solo newbies and many odd folk here. Some USA some EU. Some totally weirdo otehr people too.

    If you a weirdo, that like pvp, and u wan to find a new hoem, u can asked me.

    If you fihgted with me in old times, we welcome u home. If you want remember the times beating the zerg Tortuga and Savage....join us. P2W and Fwee are welcome.

    I may pass lead to a successor, but for now, I lead. Come wind wiht barneys win.

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    Aug 2014
    Hiya Barney good to see you still around

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    Jun 2014
    Barney greetings from Retribution.

    Like old times: Barney Winds !!!!
    [EU]Navarchy - Jakar
    The Royal Nuian Expeditionary Force

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    All always love Barney ! Same which Faction or Nation. Honor and /bow to you Barney, i am proud that you play in our server :-)

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