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    Quote Originally Posted by Careby View Post
    It sounds like you have never trained a puppy, or managed millennials in a work environment.
    Let's be real here?

    Trained Puppies - every accomplishment is something new, and not in their "job description" Learning is an accomplishment (as by default, their job is just to be dogs, not TRAINED dogs)

    And by talking about Millennials... are you implying they are dogs by the level of their ability to task and do a job? Although Millenials are prone not to respect people in authoritative positions (which is healthy sometimes) they are more apt to "learn" and "task" than their older generations, and do so time and again. Some are lazy and rebellious, but so are a sample of every generation. Bottom line: If you treat them right, they'll do your work, and sometimes even improve it (Millenials whether you like it or not, are the ones creating new code, phones, computers, antiviruses, security systems, and military technology).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rekikyo View Post
    ...And by talking about Millennials... are you implying they are dogs by the level of their ability to task and do a job?...
    No, I am implying that as a group they tend to be more dependent on praise for their satisfaction in the workplace than were previous generations. As are puppies.

    My point, however poorly presented, is that constant criticism and belittling of Trion customer service people, who are largely not responsible for the game issues most complained about, is not likely to yield positive results. And more importantly, there is no excuse whatsoever for being impolite, regardless of what Trion, or XLGames, or life, for that matter, throws at you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmythrex View Post
    but this evo compared to first one, went smooth as.
    Sure it did, there were no disconnects, no major queues... but then again, there was no reason to rush in the game with this merge, which, obviously, made it "smooth". However, the fact that the game had to be offline for 2 days, the fact that land was postponed another 24 hours, the fact that people didn't receive their properties when they were due, all these things count for a rather poor evolution/merge.

    Not to mention that the auction house listings had to be disabled 48 hours in advance, making economy weird and the game pretty tough to playa s it was.

    Not to mention that the trading system had been stalled for another 3 days after the land restriction was lifted, because of larders being needed to improve the % of packs that have reached the bottom during those 4 days.

    But if you DO consider all these, and you add all these things up, you will have at least 8 days of the game being dramatically limited by the merges, which is dreadful.
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