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Thread: personal settings not being saved

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    personal settings not being saved

    Every time I log in, since Evolution, I have to rearrange the bars and chat windows on my screen and redo my customized chat window.

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    This is to add and expand on the bug problems I'm having. At reset many players are locking up. Today it was so bad I had to relog. So not only did I miss the raid I was trying to do, all my personal settings were gone. All my custom chat windows, the arrangement of my skill bars and chat windows, all back to default. Please, fix this!

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    I certainly hope they do address this soon.

    I'm a new player but I'm one of those people who tinkers with the UI (sizing and placement of elements, re-assigning keybinds for my awesome left-handedness, organizing chat tabs and text color where allowed, adding and moving hotbars around, changing options, etc.) so I really wish there was a way to save a file for that. I have played other games where that was possible. I learned quickly to save settings because sometimes updates would reset everything.

    So Kathran I feel your pain!!
    Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.

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    (1)General method
    UI setting change --> Character selection screen -->
    Log in again with changed characters -->

    (2)When (1) was useless
    My Documents > Archeage
    Delete Archeage folder

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    How to backup ArcheAge settings and return from there

    (1) "C: \ Users \ UserName \ Documents \ ArcheAge"
    Copy the contents of the folder to another folder (A)
    >>! Before maintenance begins!<<

    (2) After maintenance, delete the contents of "C: \ Users \ user name \ Documents \ ArcheAge" if the previous settings are not saved

    (3) Copy the copied (A) into "C: \ Users \ user name \ Documents \ ArcheAge" folder.

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    Dear Trion,

    I heard there is a big Update at the end of the year.
    Our personal settings will also be erased.
    Although this is a low severity problem for XL, I see people suffering from the same things for years.
    Is not it better to produce logic to save and import personal settings?
    ( Save shortcut position at least )

    I am not very good at English, so I apologize in advance.

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    P2W settings save rngboxes incoming soon ;}
    Please, trion, it'll feed you for another month. How much do think people would waste on that intead of some """regrade""" that'll drop 1 xp stone if you're lucky XD

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