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Thread: Account wouldn't recognize land rush time....

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    Account wouldn't recognize land rush time....

    Typical trion....Take land away with merge that we spent years fighting when it was busier to get, then when the merge comes, account won't recognize the deadline, logged in and out, still wouldn't....Been sitting there trying to figure out where to place things and make sure afk timer doesn't kick me for nothing.

    I imagine two of my accounts weren't the only ones with this bug.

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    Same. what a waste of time and effort

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    same keeping waiting for day and cant do ♥♥♥♥ all my 3 account have the same bug

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    and i have no where to put my land down now GJ trion always

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    same here and when i ask gm for compensation and solve the problem gm just give me this web address and saying they wont reply me any more what a ♥♥♥ing good job

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