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Thread: Open Pack & Crafting houses

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    Open Pack & Crafting houses

    Hello Thunderwing.
    With all the new people and major housing zones filled, It would be great if we could all know where any open Pack & Craft houses are. IF you don't mind posting, that would be great.

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    I have a public armourer's house in the housing area close to Hellswamp and not inside that little circle area, the other one.

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    As soon as i can get land, i will be putting up a open pack house.

    If you have land and not charging a ton Pm me IGN: Figment

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    I have a Public Armorers House in hallow hollow , Solis

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    Not sure how it is in the west, but in the east a lot of people have closed their pack houses to the public do to the fact that the packs being made were destroying prices.
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