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Thread: Looking for a friend to help me get back into the game :3

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    Looking for a friend to help me get back into the game :3


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cute Kitty Meow View Post
    So I have not played for 7 months and before I quit I sold all my gear, besides my weapon, and gave all my money to my friend. I logged in and I still have my celestial cursed obsidian sword and 300 gold.

    I'm trying to get back into the game but I'd like to find someone nice enough who would be willing to help me get back. I mean the game's been out for so long, there has to be people out there not doing anything, gives you something to do right! I'm not looking for a carry, I'm looking for a friend who would help and guide me. I'm so lost and not sure what to even do to get my gear back, it's been so long since I played and when I did play I only played for like 1 month so I'm basically still new to the game.

    I will not be having a sub because I'd rather not spend money on this game anymore, I am dedicated to spend all my time and grind my way to being able to make enough money to buy apex so I can get a sub.

    If anyone would be willing to help me then please reply below or private message me! I would really appreciate it.
    Sure I'm down, as long as you dont mind me being GMT+2 meaning basicly its day here when its night there and the opposite.
    If its mostly helping around and giving infos im always down, add me: Hollowshard
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