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Thread: Scented leaf and royal seed drop rate?

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    I plant 1800 corn seed everyday can get 100++ with max farming prof.. only sometime can get less than 100.. depend with rng I guess.. I dont know if title buff like mistsong maverick can help since it have 4% loot drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentatsu View Post
    Thats enough, this thread isnt about the value of the seeds and leafs in the auction house. I dont sell my seeds and leafs there, so the Auction house is totally irrelevant to this issue.

    The issue is every time players come here to complain they cant sell there stuff on the AH for crap tons of gold its the farmers who get jacked or screwed. Please allow me to explain in detail so everyone can understand.

    #1 A while back we farmers complained left and right that royal seeds so rare and a pain to get that it was not worth single planting 1000 seeds to get 10 to 20 royal seeds. its just not worth it period.

    #2 We farmers wanted Trion / Xlgames to increase the RNG drop rate on the royal seeds. It was unexpected and we were suprised when they added the seeds to the vocation shop and increased the drop rates. All was good in farm land.

    #3 Because of this double blessing. A lot of players got very angry about the sudden flooding of Royal seeds on the AH and how they could no longer sell the royal seeds for 10g to 15g each. Currently on NA royal seeds are selling for 4g to 5g each on AH, but i dont buy royal seeds. I prefer to get my own.

    #4 The current situation is, which is why I made my original post is this. Rather than to remove or make the royal seeds more costly in the vocation shop they snuck in a secret nerf to lower the drop rates of Royal seeds and scented leaves.

    Now take those 4 factors and follow along please, its almost over. Many of us farmers also do the farmer workbench daily quests and we also make specialty, plaza and larder trade packs. which many ingredients are farming crops. So what we do is we plant both bundles and single planting seeds. This way we get the crop we need for the quests and packs and we get the royal seeds to keep making our larders or experias.

    If I had my choice of making the decisions at Trion and XLgames I would remove the royal seeds, hardened wood and scented leaves from the vocation shop and set the RNG crit loot drop rate for single planting, seed bundles and Muddy fields to 10% and this includes the muddy fields on upgraded cottages and farmhouses. Thats right, hay, royal seeds, scented leaves and anything else considered a crit item as loot from crops. Set them All at 10% chance.

    I dont care what the current price of royal seeds are on the AH. I care that the drop rate was secretly nerfed again and made single planting totally useless, AGAIN!!!!!!!!! As katie said, We farmers like to grow and collect our own materials and crafting items

    Stop messing with the system then flooding the market by adding it to the cash shop or vocation shop. Let us grow our own crops and get our royal seeds at our pace. However, dont make it such a pain like it is now that its totally pointless and a waste of time to single plant crops again.

    This would make the farmers happy because we can get decent crit items when we single plant or bundle or use the muddy fields and the AH farmers would be happy because they get to make a decent profit because the market wouldnt be insta crashed from the constant flood of royal seeds.

    Remember this is a sandbox game is meant to be fun. Therefore it does not need to be turned into a Reality Sandbox game and mimic real life in every aspect. We gamers come here to escape reality for a bit not to re live it in a game. Keep it fun, messing with every little system making everything little thing a royal pain is not fun, its a job. If i wanted a 2nd job id volunteer for more overtime at work. I do also realize this is a complicated issue because each single planting done would only give a 10% chance to drop a royal seed or scented leaf but still If I plant 1000 farming or gathering seeds in bundle form, muddy fields or single planting i should get close to 100 crit items instead of 1 to 10 crit items per 1000..

    I know what many will say, just do dailies and buy them with vocation. Well, i spend my vocation buying the seed crops i need for trade packs and crafting materials, I dont have spare vocation to spend on the royal seeds, etc.
    Only there is no "double blessing" that caused the seeds to drop. The seeds stay at a price directly proportional to the value of vocation in a very narrow band. If they start to rise thanks to larder production then people will start buying many more to dump vocation at decent exhange rates. If the price drops a bit then people will either switch their vocation purchases or just stockpile and wait. The royal seed price no longer has anything to do with farming or their drop rate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchbell View Post
    As you suggested, I believe royal seeds, scented leaves and hardwood should leave the vocation store. However it seems that XL does not want to add royal seeds to the bundle tables and I don't believe muddy fields in their current state have that capability. After the loot boost we did see a considerable drop to the rates but I don't believe its as bad as you say. You say 20 seeds per 1000 but people have been saying that before the changes when back then I use to get 40-50 seeds per 1000 consistently. I still firmly believe that there is another factor that determines its proc rate other than prof but I don't have any evidence to back that claim yet. I guess i'll grab about 3000 seeds and see if anything changed, then post my results. Though it wouldn't surprise me if the increase was only temporary and the vocation store was their real answer to the problem.
    Dood.....i hope not. Fking hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeylla View Post
    I plant 1800 corn seed everyday can get 100++ with max farming prof.. only sometime can get less than 100.. depend with rng I guess.. I dont know if title buff like mistsong maverick can help since it have 4% loot drop
    I've tested this in the past (and posted the results on this forum), harvested 3000 seeds with +60% loot buff.
    Doesn't affect Royal Seeds droprate at all, as it was still 5% at that time (before the buff to 7.5%).

    Atm the royals seeds are really bad, in terms of efforts vs reward.
    It's hard to believe so many people still farm them with such a low reward/effort ratio.
    Well, I guess some people like pain

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    The real issue here is that there has never been any consistency with major systems in the game, especially those that involve crafting. That said, I did agree with doing away the old system where EVERY single plant and tree in the game had a crit item, which honestly was kind of convoluted.

    Now I won't get into issues involving the Royal seeds at this moment, but one good change was that when most trees (other than Rubber) started to drop heavy hardwood, it made it much more affordable to produce beehives. This is important because honey has always been high labor for low payout, so reducing the barrier to entry by at least making the beehives affordable to manufacture, gives much better chances that enough honey will be produced to keep its price consistent; which should be expensive, but cheap enough so that it moves at a steady rate. Most people probably buy honey for use in larders, but it is important not to forget that it is also used in Cooking and Alchemy.

    As far as Scented leaves, now I personally haven't noticed much change in their drop rate at the current time. Previously they were dropping like toilet paper even before they were added to the vocation shop though, so it may be possible that some adjustment was in order. I would expect they would have at least made an attempt to communicate this to us or at least get some feedback before toying with an already broken system even further.

    That said, unless you're either doing Daru gathering bundles or trying to farm Misagon crystals by doing the guild daily with Experia Sunflowers, it is likely that most farmers will either horde their leaves or sell them on the AH. They do have a few other minor uses but nothing that really uses them in the same quantity.

    I will say that the worst part of the changes to heavy hardwood/scented leaves/royal seeds is that it pretty much destroyed the practicality of making, and using, Experia patches to level up professions. A much better option would be to remove the leaves/seeds/hardwood from Experia production entirely and replace with Blue Salt Hammers or some similar item, but that's a different subject.

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