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Thread: Returning palyer

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    Returning palyer

    Hi to all.

    Stoped to play about 2 years ago. I have a stone arrow (not 55) and a demo (30ish). I'd like to know a very good class for mostly pve (pvp only situational) to aoe farm. I'm open minded for any class, melee, ranged or mage.

    Thank you for your help.

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    I only know the mage side but Demonology is great for aoe farming. I also recommend cabalist with ancestral flame bolt(endless mana build) or defiler for pvp (quill posted a great build awhile back)

    Something worth considering though is the upcoming changes to class balance, archery looks really strong so stone arrow might be your best route, switching to prime for pvp. But I'm not an archer so I would definately refer you to someone like Pew or Kooncoon on anything archery.

    Hope this helps and welcome back

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    Sry fam but dere ain't nuttin useful wit aoe farmin in dis gaem

    In fact, playing as mage is definitely the best for aoe farming. You can either go Arcanist (less AoE but more sustain) with sorc+witch+aura, or revenant with sorc+occu+aura

    Demonologist is a bit disappointing, since you lack the mana sustain from meditation and especially the big pull from auramancy (vicious implosion)
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    If you solo aoe your gonna be limited fast.
    Find a healer friend who can regen hp and mp for you and then go Battlemage.
    It's what I do when I farm lib, it's fun and fast, 0 downtime.

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