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Thread: Transfer from Retribution to Tempest. Will be posible?

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    Transfer from Retribution to Tempest. Will be posible?


    If i am in Retribution server (i have in my inventory my buildings, farms etc). Is posible transfer to other evolution server, like Tempest?, but having the privileges of others evolution-patron-players, i mean, you dont need resources for building.

    - I am bit roleplayer, i readed Dahuta (now Tempest) was the roleplayer server.
    - Retribution is full, no land.

    Sorry, my english is awfull.

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    sometime in October, maybe November

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    How about make a character on Tempest
    Been a month and my ticket have yet been resolve.
    My account was hacked and i lost everything
    Never Solved but not happy

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    So far as I know, there was really no roleplaying left on Dahuta. The one guild that was there rerolled on Tahyang several months ago because they were very lonely.
    There's roleplay on Conviction but you can't transfer from Europe to North America.
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