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Thread: Fresh player's impressions

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    Fresh player's impressions

    Hello, all!
    I am a brand new player (have been playing for about a week). At first I was really stunned by the beautifull world and the smooth gameplay of Archeage. I still am. But, as a MMORPG, I've started to notice some drawbacks, such as:
    - The game feels like a singleplayer game. I mean I've yet to find a reason to cooperate with someone to achieve anything, it's not like i haven't tried, which leads to my next concern;
    - In my playtime I tried to communicate to people I've met resulting in them ignoring me or just killing me. I've been spawn camped while trying to lvl by questing. I don't actually find it fun to 1-2 shot some newbie again and again, so i don't understand people that do, but that could be just me.
    - I am into gathering, crafting, building and such, but i find these activities in Archeage a bit too timegated.
    - I've heard from multiple sources that the game is really p2w and i read the same thing on in-game chat constantly. Is this really the case?
    I will appreciate your thoughts on these subjects. I like the game itself and would like to continue playing, just want to know if it's worth it. Thanks.

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    Find yourself a good guild and many of your issues will go away. Makes activities better...people give out free land and help build up properties. The game is built around communities working together because doing everything on your own will take a heck of a lot of time or money.

    The game is pay to win if you want it to be. If you have a large time investment you can put into the game it won't be as bad but people buy Apex for $10 and sell them for $850 a pop which is near impossible to achieve daily as a new player.

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    1) It might feel like a singleplayer in the levelarea 1-50. From 50+ you might be able to find ppl for random stuff. because pvp, endgame dungeons,worldbosses and (dangerous) traderuns etc happen in maximum level area.

    2) ppl might ignore you in lower level range due to following reasons:
    -they like to stay alone
    -the are busy with other stuff
    -they feel like you are an alt(so you might just pretend to be a newby to gain benefits)
    -they might feel like you are to newbe-like(asking for stuff they see as common sense)
    Spawncamping might happen because you act like a bot, insulted them, are mistaken for someone else or just because some guys that arent really strong want to feel strong.

    3) as a non patron its very gated yes. but its still doable to get your very first patron for ingame gold. after you got patron you can make much more gold to upkeep the patron(would recommend to work crossregion-alt for that). If you are patron i would recommend not to do "basic" crafting so you dont waste to much labor on that. all that basic is more likely cross-region-alt-work.
    Time gating lets you either spend some cash on apex to sell or longers the time you need to progress. that way they keep you in the game for a while. because when you are out of goals and can not progress anymore you might get bored someday.

    4) well that depends on how you define p2w. Sure you can spend 1k $ and be geared quickly (100*800-1k gold(apexvalue)) But you can get your gear for very cheap to a level you can start to fight with against other ppl(you might not dominate but still be valuable in raids) within a month.(patron would be required for that timeframe. if you want fully f2p you would need maybe 1 or two month extra. guild or a group of 2-4 friends highly recommended).
    i can not say its p2w. sure ppl that drop a car into the game will have a advantage. but its not like dropping a houndred dollar into the game would make you OP. they might sell some apex that gives them advantage. on the other hand that makes f2p possible. as well when you work smart on your gear and work efficient you can upkeep to everyone that just drops a small share of his income into the game.
    Time = money. so either spend time calculating, spend time doing gold or time working to earn money to put into the game.

    So yes there is to some extinct p2"w(in)" but not that i would not recommend to play the game. PPl tend to become toxic or highly "ironical" when it comes to p2w. if it would be so bad would those players stay?
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