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Thread: [Prophecy] LFG Haranya side :)

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    [Prophecy] LFG Haranya side :)

    Hello all! I am a new player and i am currently looking for some ppl who could teach me the game and having fun with.

    greetings, Kuriisu

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    I would recommend Nakama. Pitou is the leader. I know some folks who are joining it and are a lot of fun and can teach you a lot. One of them is a go-to authority for in-game info (well known to the folks at Trion as well, she's a little bit famous), and one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. I know they are open to newer and or more casual players, so they may be a great choice for you. My friends who are joining it are the most fun people in all of Archeage, in my opinion. Yes, I'm talking about you Light, Suol, Percy...

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