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Thread: [Prophecy] LFG Haranya side :)

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    [Prophecy] LFG Haranya side :)

    Hello all! I am a new player and i am currently looking for some ppl who could teach me the game and having fun with.

    greetings, Kuriisu

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    I would recommend Nakama. Pitou is the leader. I know some folks who are joining it and are a lot of fun and can teach you a lot. One of them is a go-to authority for in-game info (well known to the folks at Trion as well, she's a little bit famous), and one of the nicest girls you'll ever meet. I know they are open to newer and or more casual players, so they may be a great choice for you. My friends who are joining it are the most fun people in all of Archeage, in my opinion. Yes, I'm talking about you Light, Suol, Percy...
    So, a small undergeared guild with a name that says "We are coming for you" to the biggest, baddest enemy faction guild on the server is a good idea? Right?

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