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Thread: Is this server active?

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    Is this server active?

    I've heard many different things about this server and wanted to know as a new player on the server if it is worth it? Or should I just play my old toon on Kracken?
    Was starting fresh on a new server just because it was apart of my BDO guild but they have about 10 actives on it.

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    I wouldn't consider Kraken active either but compared to Aranzeb it's a little more active. People moved to servers part of the merge or after the merge to an evolved server so they wouldn't be left behind on a dying server. Reckoning is dying also, many would say already dead so don't bother making an account to play there thinking a fresh start server could be a good idea because 3.7 along with player nations killed it.

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    Yeah just wasn't sure. I heard many things about the game as in it's starting to die out and more people just turned to farming rather to doing other things. Just on the new MMO hunt and figured I'd try this again since I've been gone over a year.

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